I’m a self taught artist and mother of 4. In my spare time for therapy I paint. I’ve been told that my work shows my spiritual nature. I’ve participated in one group show in 2004 and I’m looking to hold my own show or participate in another group show soon. I seem to be making things and seling them as fast as I can paint them. I have also donated pieces to charity auctions locally.

  • Age: 43
  • Joined: August 2007


I just sold a piece of artwork!

I was just so excited I had to tell the redbubble world! / I just sold a piece of artwork! A man came to my house to put energy efficient light bulbs in care of our local council, and noticed my “In the Dakness” piece still on my easel. He remarked that he liked it and sure enough, a win on the Melbourne Cup came to fruition and today he came back to buy it. / I’m so wrapped. …
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