Hi all!

I love creative arts, Sci-Fi (mostly Dr. Who), comedians, cooking and a few other things.

For now, I’m useing a 3.2 megapixel S304 FinePix FugiFilm camera, which is serving its purpose for now. One day I’ll upgrade.

I’m just sort of finding my way at the moment. Any feedback, advice, positive criticism etc is much appreciated.


Sam :)

  • Age: 26
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Golly gosh

I’ve noticed that it has been about a year since my last journal. So, I thought that I would provide you with a breif overview of what has been happening the past 12 months. / I went to college. Did well at college. Got into uni. / Have been on holidays since finishing college early October. / Started a dream job at a local theatre. Realised that I don’t get many shifts. Tried to get…
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Bubbles for Redbubble

Hi Everyone! / In my quest to learn more about everything and anything (even Maths) I had discovered that part of my camera had decded it didn’t want to be attached any more. I was deeply saddened by this but I’m sure it wasn’t a vital part. It can be forced back on at a later stage. (by a professional of course!) So for the time being, it has rested on my chest of draws. I have…
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