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My Originals hang all over the world; from the private collections in Hollywood homes and offices in London to my local gallery and homes all over Britain. Now to reach as wide an audience as possible, to increase the value of the originals and allow everyone to enjoy my art I have decided to sell prints of my paintings and photographs.

Please also visit My website. for my Artwork Paintings

I retain all copyrights to my artwork*

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Rotoscope paintings Animation

After watching the films “A Scanner darkly” and “Waking Life” I was inspired to create my own rotoscope animation. / using sequences of photographs I’ve taken over the years I turned each one into a digital painting by hand using corel draw painter IX, then spiced them together in Mircosofts movie maker. / I have a friend who makes pystrance music and used his music …
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Thankyou for buying my work

Thanks to all the people who purchased my work recently. Love you all. xx
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Artist Promotion

Website for Artists who make original art / 6000 visitors a month / I’ve been running my online gallery for a while now. I get around 6000 visitors every month. Selling my own work and that of a handful of other artists. / The catalyst / Over the past few months I’ve felt that things need to change in the way I run my site. I sell plenty of Art and I get lots of artist…
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Have you joined my other fans on facebook?

So many people Have facebook these days that I added a fan page to it here / Lots of my redbubble fans have become facebook fans and I’d love it if you would join them too. My facebook fans often get to know about things i don’t always get to post on redbubble so it would be great if you’d join us. / Your Friend / Sam.
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