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"Sam Dantone's Trilogy Show..."

I have the great pleasure of announcing,
not one,
not two,

It gets better…

The shows are all back to back, in three different locations and all in Downtown Eugene Oregon.

I know, it is a little nutty, but how could I say no?

I will be hanging the first show this Saturday, May 1st at “The Museum of Unfine Art and Record Store”. Art and records… Yes! As a lover of vinyl and the underground, I will be right at home. The show will hang for the month of May. ( location: 537 Willamette St.)

For June, I will be hanging in a new gallery “The Art of War”, possibly the most original gallery and other business pairing ever. Upon entering you walk into a very well done gallery space. On one wall you can’t help to notice the guys through the big window in the other room kicking the crap out of one another. The door at the back of the gallery leads into a totally pro mixed martial arts gym, complete with cage. This is the place where the pros train. Of course the art finds its way into the gym area too. Word has it my opening reception will be the kick off for the newly readied back patio, where we will groove on some North West Blues and suck on BB-Q. (location: 251 W 7th)

July will find me at “Cowfish”, another new Eugene venue. “Cowfish” is also home to a coffee cafe and at night transforms into a dance club. Getting all things good under one roof…(location: 62 W Broadway)

I will also be a part of a the “Bigfoot” group show for the month of June at “Cowfish”.

Well, I just wanted to let my bubble mates know…

… now back to framing drawings.

Sam Dantone

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