I guess you could say I am a cow hugging Christian organiac. I am interested in whole local foods including raw milk , making my own kefir from kefir grains and grassfed beef. (yum) I also am interested in solar energy and would love to build a green sustainable_house_ some day. I love God and love that he has given us such a beautiful world to live in, enjoy and lovingly take care of.
I believe He would be happy with us treating His creation in ways that promote a healthy environment for all, such as, using sustainable methods to farm and live our daily lives.

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Made a Sticker Sale and am in Love with the New Stickers!

My Wedding Tux Sticker
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Made a Sale- Yay!!

Well, I made a sale — it was my "Four and Twenty Blackbirds design on a v-neck tee. Thank you to whoever purchased it!!!
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Happy Easter Everyone... may God bless your day!

Oh what glorious hope we have in His resurrection! He is alive and seated at God’s right-hand and we too will be raised to live again just as he has been. Peace to all and have a blessed Easter! / In Him, Sandy
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