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sally-ann rawlinson

sally-ann rawlinson

Chester-le-street, United Kingdom

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My new life – the perfect day (Mature) What am i? When I am gone / you can not think touch nor feel, / not even darkness to be seen / you are nothing / nothing without me / what am I? Thumper by sally-ann rawlinson What do i do? What do i see when i view my life. View life through my eyes, my thoughts, my feelings. Well, i see it in a number of different ways, but i… What happens when you reach the fence, / The fence that stumps you, / Stops you in your path. / That fence, / I wish i could just, / takes … Walks along, / Along the long dusty road. / The road that takes me through, / Through life and beyond. / This path that is influenced, / No… what do people think I have just finished reading twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. Fantastic books. / But has anyone read them or seen the film Tw… interseting fact did you know the airbus A380 is made up of 145 metric tons of doing my coursework on titanium and i never imagined it would be… Help In one second, you can feel totally alone. / Freezing despite the sun that shines on your back, / Alone despite being sorrounded by loved o… its scary Its scary, / not knowing why you feel such intense pain. / Its scary, / that the only way to sanity is to slit your wrists, / Its scary, / … Peace Softly glowing warmth / radiating from your eyes. / Gazing around, / wondering what and where. / Glowing warmth from the blazing fire, / s… GCSE RESULTS i tried putting these on earlier but it wouldn’t show for me. / i did averagely on these exams, i didn’t produce many spectacul… I wrote this when i was 11 —-Creature of th… When a vampire bat drinks blood / It is a loveless werewolf. / Bats are as blind as a silly old man. / When a bat moves between the trees /… LIFE Walking around i see, / the wonderful contrasts that make us, / the world / and the universe. / The bee buzzing as it flies intently from … Ithaca waterfall  by sally-ann rawlinson paranoid? heart pounding, / have you ever felt like, / no I’m being stupid, / looking over my shoulder. / there is somebody watching me. / they… love Love. / What do we define as love? / To different people love is different things. / It can be for a man, for a dog or for the environment,… Why can’t i be stronger weakness tears forming down my face, / feeling regret for the promises i made, / falling through the bridge i tried so had to build, / drowning in a… I will never please you. / i try so damn hard, / i push my self so far, / i beat myself if i don’t get the grade i want, / i work all… coping Dripping, no gushing down / a deep red, / ridding me of my troubles, / releasing the tension that has built up, / replacing the tears on m… shut up i wish you would just shut up. / i am trying to work, / i have 3 essays to write for tomorrow, / i wish you would just shut up / i want to … tears Eyes dropping, / Lids showing, / Sparkle disappearing, / Head dropping, / Smile quitting / Rational thought leaving / tear dropping / refle… empire state building view at night by sally-ann rawlinson best friends Friends offer the best kind of love, / they are a shoulder to cry on, / they will always be there, / they will always love you. / A true fr… Niagara Falls 2 by sally-ann rawlinson Niagara Falls by sally-ann rawlinson Ithaca, NY, close up by sally-ann rawlinson casper gasping around in awe, / loving the sights i see, / rising from the subway, / but not truly seeing the wonders around me. / the empire stat… love and hate Love and hate are two different emotions, / but are the same. / when you love somebody you will end up hating them at one point in your li… desperate times I’m a…. / I’m a… / leave me lying here / I’m a… / i wish i knew, / blackened hear, / sinking further in… cyprus sunset by sally-ann rawlinson Stab! / thats the pain. / it rips through my body, / tearing at my heart and soul, / at my DNA and my identity, / destroying me. / Kneeling… goodbye casper ripped from my clutches, / the cruelness of one individual, / made mine and your life crash. / losing, crying torment, / you died, / all on… love falling by your side, / pressing my finger upon your lips, / silencing your pleas, / tears streaming down my eyes, / why? / your breathing … family and friends surrounding me, / enclosing in a deep, / endless, / enclosing me. / violent clashes of thunder, / flashes of lightening, / deep purple roll… casper by sally-ann rawlinson socks by sally-ann rawlinson i love you You never knew how to keep me there / i want you / but you are never there for me to / love you with all. / is this how it ends, / tumble a… poetry not sure i understand, / the road i have been giving / the twisting virtues of insanity / whirlwind of words in my head, / hating the thoug… why won’t they just accept it. / im a wreck and i don’t always want help. / i can figure this out on my own, / give me space to… friendship breaking We had it so great, / like sisters you and i. / alike in every single way, / now i realize i was living a lie. / you told him everything i … things i cant do they expect / all the things i can’t do. / they are disappointed / if i don’t manage. / why can’t they accept, / i just c… losing conciousness spinning! / sickly, retreating. / behind barriers / closing in on a safe spot / running / wondering why, / this shouldn’t be happenin… talk to me turning around, / back to me, / what have i done? / what mistakes have i made. / talk to me. / im lost, / im confused, / you ignore me, / y… hates love. eternity, / loving losing / and all the time wondering / what is the point? / life is harsh, / death is polluting the air, / causing grief … my first kiss words flowing from your mouth, / meaning absolutely nothing. / actions scream at me / tenderly coaxing me into you embrace. words going insane / and never coming back. my prince just you and i / together, / forever spinning, / spinning through this universe of uncertainty. / times we cry, / times we say goodbye, / i… uppy, downsys / leftys,righties / numbers / alphabet. / being 5 is tough. / namsys / scoolsys / letters / spellings, / being 5 is tough. / … water floating,flowing,freezing. / each state is different, the comparison lights flashing, / bodies closing, / adrenaline pumping, / world spinning, / noises echoing, / out. home the nest is growing smaller / i think i am ready. / never leave my heart, the weather destroying, constructing. / loving, hating. / forever changing, / forever loving / forever hating. valentines day poem love might only come once in a lifetime / but love strikes everybody, Steph love is eternal. / you grip is like a vise, / making sure my steadily pounding heart lives on, Life spreading warmth over the valley. one of the pups shudder, the pack looks round in shock. the pup smiles at the beauty of the clearing as i… love nothing can stop us, / nothing can tear us apart. / we are in love. suicidal I’m scared, / I’m sinking, / I can’t love anything the same, / It is my entire fault. / I can’t live with this pain. / Take this away, / Ta…