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Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks - Interesting info

As we rapidly approach 2010 , I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year

Sydney is getting ready to party and what better way than with a BOOM !
Approximately 11,000 shells, 25,000 shooting comets, and a total of 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects altogether weighing 4,500kg will be incorporated into the display

For those bubblers heading out camera in hand this website might help BOOM:

How big is the Sydney Fireworks check it out HERE:

Check out the online video available on new years day HERE:

Philip is on Safari - Warning Victorians and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and Safe Holiday Season To All

G’day All

Over the Christmas period I will be venturing across the border to Victoria on a bit of a photo HDR Photo Safari so for the victorians in RB if you see another photographer blocking you view don’t throw a rock at him IT COULD BE ME !

Lot’s of photos planned , national parks to visit and family to visit

So I would like to thank everyone for the support , comments , favouritings , views and sales.

And to all the members of groups I host and the co-hosts thanks for all the work over the last year.


Photographers Rights - Photographer questioned for taking photographs of Christmas Decorations

Continued erosion of rights of photographers , it’s great the Police have their priorities right…

An amateur photographer taking pictures of Christmas lights was questioned by police under anti-terror laws.

Andrew White, from Brighton, was taking pictures in a busy town centre in nearby Burgess Hill when he was spotted and followed by two Police Community Support Officers.
They stopped him and asked why he had been taking pictures and if he was a professional photographer.
Mr White, 33, asked why they wanted to know and was told it was to do with counter-terrorism legislation.
Police said he was stopped for ‘taking too many photographs in a busy shopping area’.

Andrew White from Brighton was questioned under terror laws for taking photos of Christmas lights

The PCSOs demanded his personal deta

Sales , 4 matted,3 mounted,4 Calendars, 1 Laminated

Many thanks to the anonymous buyers of

3xMatted Print of “Sailors Warning -”Sydney – Moods Of A City – The HDR Experience":http://www.redbubble.com/works/show/2695640:

2x Mounted Print of Secret Beach – Moods Of A City – The HDR Experience:





1x Matted Print of Right Place RightTime:

1x Laminated Print of Hello Breakfast ! – National Zoo Canberra , Australia:

Mayday to Hosts on my watchlist

A group in Red Bubble is in need of asistance #1 Artists Of Red Bubble:

Pat Gamwell: is in need of some help reducing the pages in the group and is looking for some TEMPORARY host help to reduce

Pat has inherited a group that is huge 4500 + members and a humungous, staggering jaw dropping image library and would really like you to offer some help, any offer from other hosts would help.

I know Red Bubble is a wonderful community , so if you can spare some time no commitments we need to reduce the pages

33rd Highland Gathering - Bundanoon Possible Meetup Sydney Red Bubblers April 2010

To the Scots up in the Northern Hemisphere this is the way we celebrate our Scottish Heritage Downunder ! and what better for some Redbubblers to get out for a meetup , photo opportunities and a Caber Toss !
SATURDAY 17th April 2010 Mark It in your Diary !!…

We hope to get plenty of Red Bubblers together to put a name to a face

“Bundanoon Becomes Brigadoon:http://www.highlandsnsw.com.au/brigadoon/progra...


Pre-Games Entertainment – Bundanoon Oval – Scottish Country Dancing

9.30am. Street Parade – with Pipe Bands, Decorated Floats, and Marching Clan Societies. Starts at Erith & Amy Streets.

Massed Band Display – with 25 Pipe Bands performing later in the arena throughout the day.

Official Opening Ceremony – by

The Great Calendar Sale 30% off closes 20th November 2009

Greetings All

Just a note I am reducing the price of my calendars by 30% until 20th November 2009, I am trying out some sale techniques

1. Custom made calendars, the buyer bubblemails or e-mails me a selection of images to make their own personal calendars including if for a gift putting the recipients Name on the front.

2. I am also marketting calendars to businesses with their company name on it

Well it’s worth a try



The Great Calendar Sale 30% off until 20th November 2009

Greetings All

Just a note I am reducing the price of my calendars by 30% until 20th November 2009, I am trying out some sale techniques

1. Custom made calendars, the buyer bubblemails or e-mails me a selection of images to make their own personal calendars including if for a gift putting the recipients Name on the front.

2. I am also marketting calendars to businesses with their company name on it

Well it’s worth a try



Calendars Made To Order - 2010 Calendar Sale- Personalised Calendars


From 10th to 20th November prices for all my calendars I will drop the markup on my calendars by 25%


A Calendar With A Difference
Simply select 12-13 images that you like from my portfolio – bublemail me or e-mail pjohs@ihug.com.au

List the images you want in the calendar and I will publish calendars just for you . If you are giving calendars as presents printing that lucky persons name on the Front of the Calendar to make it Unique !

Companies ! If you want to give a calendar to your Client I can provide calendars to order and discount the purchase by 25% for purchases of 10 Calendars or more !

Shop Sales

Discount applies to shops wanting to order calendars of 10 or more copies, further discount available for 50 or more

Many Thanks for the Support of "Oh What A Beautiful Morning"

It’s funny how some images you upload take on a life of their own, such was Oh What A Beautiful Morning:

In less than a week it has accumulated
55 Favouritings
Featured 4 Groups
Reached page one of Red Bubbles 7 Day most popular

It’s great to fly the flag for HDR and do visit the two HDR groups in Red Bubble
HDR Photography Group
Take It Higher Group

So many thanks to all and it proves the golden rule NEVER GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT YOUR CAMERA
I have decided to test Red Bubbles Canvas Work with this image it should be interesting

Selling Rights To A Image

Red Bubble is a great place to show your work whether it be sales, magazine features,commisions I encountered one recently someone found one of my images and wants to buy the rights to it.

I have never encountered this before and was wondering if anyone, has any tips of handling such a request that they would like to share

1 Red Bubble Feature & 26 Group Features in 14 Days Many Thanks

I have been playing catch up and would like to thank the many Group Hosts who have featured my work over the last 14 Days and I would also like to thank whoever chose Fractured on todays Feature Page:…

Support your hosts they put a lot of work into groups !



Open Wide

Open Wide

Going Postal #2

Windows of My Mind



Footprints In The Sand


Promise Of Things To Come

Promise Of Things To Come

Cradle Mountain (Monochrome)

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten

Under Clo

Milestone - *Quarter Million Views !*

Greetings All !…

Today i passed a milestone in my membership of the Red Bubble community, 250,000 views !

When I joined Red Bubble i never thought anyone would want to look at my work little alone buy work.

So I just wanted to take a moment to thank the many fellow members who have viewed, commented, favourited my work and offered comraderie. And for those I have not met it is a small world , you never know one day

It has been a time which has led to magazine features, gallery showings,commission work and sales.

I would also like to thank the many hosts that offer their own time to provide many groups for members , it is quite time consuming and at times are abused for their effort. So people take some time to thank your hosts/

Thanks also to the team at Red Bubble for their work, and pro

The never Ending Question ? - What is your backup strategy ?

After buying yet another terabyte drive

When you get addicted to digital photography the never ending quest seems to be how do I backup my images, and once you do that is how do i backup the backup ?

Also when I travel what how do I backup my images when I am in the field?

Let’s face it your hard drive is going to die one day !

So let’s start a discussion,

how do you backup your images?
how do you backup your backup ?
what do you do when you are in the field ?
what are your disaster stories ?
have you learnt from these disasters ?
what tips can you give others ?
do you use any online backup providers ?

The Ultimate HDR Challenge (35 Ft X 5.9 Ft) - An Example of you never know who is watching your RB Portfolio

Well this week posed an interesting HDR challenge, I received a e-mail through RB from someone wanting to contact me directly

The reason someone had noticed my work and wants to commission a work.

The job : A Wall Mural -Photograph Sydney Harbour and the Bridge

The size: 10,700mm X 1800mm or 35 Ft X 5.9 Ft

So a challenge for HDR a challenge for Equipment and a Challenge for Me

But it goes to show people are browsing RB and giving us as members exposure, this is the second time I have had contact from organisations browsing RB my previous was a feature in a USA magazine.

So people they are watching !

PS if anyone has any experience in producing art to this size any tips would be appreciated

27 Features - In 12 Days - Thank You Very Much !

I would like to thank the groups that have featured my work , in the last 13 days there have been 27 features.…

Support your hosts it’s not a easy job !

Historic Churches Group
Many a Hymn:

Fire Escapes Group

The Sea Group
Twilights Last Gleaming:

Friends of Bangor Group

Musical Reflections:

Colours & Light Group

True Blue:

Live Love and Dream Group

Embers Of Day:

Unlimited Quality Group

Old But Reliable:

Unique Buildings Of The World

Stairway To Heaven:

Sydney Northern Beaches Group


Architectual Deatils Group

Old Fashioned Workmanship:

Take Me Higher HDR Group

True Blue:

Take Me Higher HDR Group


Take Me Higher HDR Group

Many a Hymn:

Fire Escapes Group
Shadow Angles:

Unlimited Quality Group


Stairs & Staircases Group

Watch The

Digital Camera Magazine - Worldwide Photographer of The Year 2009 win £10,000.

This might be of interest it is one of the largest photo competitions in the world

The title of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 will be given to the photographer who is judged to have taken the most outstanding and memorable picture entered in the competition. The winning photographer will receive an incredible* £10,000*.

For full information

Digital Camera Photographer Of The Year:

. Categories and closing dates
The categories in the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2009 competition are:

•People & Portraits
•Black & White
•Planet Earth
•Digital Vision
•This is Britain
•World in Motion
•Destination Everywhere

All categories close at 5:00pm GMT, Wednesday 30th September 2009.


New Group Alerts - Check out these new Groups they need your Support

Anything that promotes HDR Photography can’t be all that bad

Take Me Higher:

Attention Sydney SIders with photos of the Northern Beaches you now have a home

Sydney’s Northern Beaches:

I don’t know about you , but I have been looking for a home for my stair and staircase shots since a previous group disapeared well now we have a group for this purpose

Stairs and Staircases:

So get out and support the hosts its not a easy job !



Photographers Rights - Photographer Arrested For Being Too Tall

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers
Track this topic Print story Post commentNew heights of absurdity (about 5’11")…

By John Ozimek • Get more from this author

Posted in Policing, 15th July 2009 12:45 GMT

Free whitepaper – Opening new doors with HD Video and Telepresence

Updated Kent Police set a new legal precedent last week, as they arrested a photographer on the unusual grounds of “being too tall”.

This follows a year of increasingly unhappy incidents, in which continued reassurances from on high appear to have had little impact on how Police Forces deal with photographers – and reinforces a growing concern that the breakdown in trust and cooperation with the Police warned of in respect of demonstrations could soon transfer to photography too.

According to his blog, our over-ta

What a week ! - RB Sales,Challenge Top 10, Gallery Opening and Worldwide Photowalk

Greetings All,…

I would like to thank the buyers of the following works

Red Bubble Sales

Large Mounted Print Blue Dawn:

Large Poster AO size Anticipation:

A Matted Print Road to Nowhere:

A Greeting Card Sailors Warning:

Leader Scott Kelby’s Worldwide photowalk

Had a great day Saturday leading a pack of photo walkers 50 strong around Sydney’s Circular Quay and the Rocks, with lunch.

Red Bubblers were well represented, and Red Bubble should be happy as the members promoted RB very well with quite a few converts.

The photowalk was one of 900 photowalks held on the one day with over 27,000 participants.

Thanks to all those who attended !!!!!

Two works at Gallery Opening

Many thanks to Sarah Moore for asking me to display two works at

And its a great opportunity to put faces to Red Bub

HDR News - Software upgrade

To all those artists in Red Bubble who specialise in High Dynamic Range Photography , have you updated your software recently ?

It is FREE for licensed applications


And while you are add it take a look at the featured work of the HDR Photography Group

Milestone - *200,000* Views

Thanks to all that have, purchased,commented,viewed and favourited my work and also thanks to all the comradery and support.

It’s a wonderful community and the members are incredible


So the journey continues !



Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk - Sydney The Rocks Saturday 18th July

Greetings everyone

I have been approved as a leader of one of the Sydney components of the the Second Worldwide Phototowalks to be held all over the world on Saturday 18th July 2009 at the moment the number of photowalk groups participating worldwide is 1026 +

So if you are looking for a similar meetup in your area please go to Worldwidephotowalk: and join a group or signup to lead a group , groupleaders signup closes 18th June.2009

There is a chance to win prizes and get your pictures out there, also the fun of the day
Prize List:
Signup here:
If any of anyone is interested in the Sydney Rocks photowalk register here

The Rocks Walk:


Anticipation - Many Thanks For the support

I would like to thank all have viewed,commented and favourited

Since thursday it has had

109 Favouritings

Since I uploaded the image it has been featured by the following groups

Friends of Bangor and North Down Camera Club, Northern Ireland
Live Love and Dream
Dawn & Dusk Light
DSLR Users

And to top it off it has reached #1 Most Popular 1 Day Page, #1 Most Popular 7 Days and Page 1 Most popular 30 days

So again many thanks for the continued support I am blown away !, don’t forget to to support your hosts that continue to work hard for your groups.

It's Funny how a work takes on a life of it's own

You can quite often upload a image to RB that really takes off:

Many thanks for the views,comments and favouritings of my work
in less than 3 days
75 Favouritings

**Featured , Live Love and dream group, Dawn & Dusk Light, DSLR Users Groups

Uploaded this morning it has reached #1 on the most popular in 24 hours page Page: #1 Most popular in 7 days, #1 Page most popular in 30 days

And it’s HDR

So thank you all for your support and encouragement




Advice Needed - Jewelery Photography


Just wondering if anyone out in RB has any advice tips on photographing Jewelery items

I have been asked if I would be interested in photographing some jewelery items for a website> I must admit Jewelery photography is a bit new to me.

Any advice appreciated

Challenge Win - Many Thanks

Many thanks to those whote voted for my work Sailors Warning in the recent City/Town Skyline Challenge: in the Sunrise, Sunset group

Congrats to all others in the challenge your work is stunning

Also thanks for the many comments and favouriting of the image it now is challenging one of my other works Masters Paintbrush as my most popular upload

Milestone - 150,000 Views !

Thanks to all that have, purchased,commented,viewed and favourited my work and also thanks to all the comradery and support.


So the journey continues !

PS Rosalie Dale and I are meeting a group of RB Photographers at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands south of Sydney this coming Saturday the 4th APril

for the HIghland gathering Brigadoon, so if you are in that neck of the woods throw on yor kilt and come along for a great day

Bring Us Your Castles , Your Stately Homes, Your Heritage and Trust Properties

In every country we have sites that capture the imagination of photographers, properties that have been preserved for their heritage or national significance.…

These sites are quite often heritage listed,protected by trusts, these vary from country to country.

We have created a group where you can display these images, we welcome your interpretation use photoshop or HDR techniques if you wish as long as the image is recognisable

Heritage Listed and Other Trusts Sites World Wide:

About This Group

It has come to our attention that there is a great interest and pride shown by bubblers in their heritage properties throughout the world. In some countries more properties are listed by the Heritage trusts than by the National trusts and therefore a gap has appeared whereby, up until now, these be

87 Favouritings, 135 Comments and 909 Views and One Sale Thank You

Its funny how some shots you upload to Red Bubble seem to take on a life of their own, last weekend I uploaded a shot of Sydney Harbour taken from on high. Well I would like to thank those who have favourited, commented and viewed this work.

Because of this support it has worked its way up the popular pages to page 1, so once again thank you all

53 Favouritings, 100 Comments and 474 Views and for a HDR work !

Sailors Warning:

New Group - Slight Name Change Now *"Heritage Listed Properties World Wide"* Now Open Unlimited Uploads

Oh dear i’ve done it again lol , i’ve been invited into co-hosting another group.…

The group is a new one and does not discriminate against techniques such as HDR as long as the subject is recognisable.

Heritage Listed Properties World Wide:

About This Group
It has come to our attention that there is a great interest and pride shown by bubblers in their heritage properties throughout the world. In some countries more properties are listed by the Heritage trusts than by the National trusts and therefore a gap has appeared whereby, up until now, these beautiful properties don’t have a specific group to contribute to. WorldWideHeritage Listed Properties intends to fill that gap!
Only Bubblers who are devoted to their heritage should join. No gardens or bush images will be accepted – these are c

17 Features in 10 days - and 5 in the one group !

Many thanks to all the groups that have chosen to feature my work in the last 10 days and apologies for not doing so sooner.…

Don’t forget to support all your group hosts who quite often get abused for jobs they do for free and the benefit of the RB Community as a whole.

  • The Grand Staircase Series*

Thank You for the overwheaming features of my Queen Victoria Building Grand Staircase Series

The Stairs Group: has featured the full series of 5
Out Of The Past:
featured 1

Sydney Guide To Exhibitions:

Other Features

Mine Mine Mine
Natures Reclamation Group:

Its All Black And White
Dilapidated Buildings Group:

Putting The Palace In Palace & They Don’t Build Them Like They Used To
Movie Palaces Of Old Group:

Masters Paintbrush
The Nautical Group:

Man Of War

The Rustic Group:

Old Style Justice
Prisons, Ga

A New Co-Hosting Gig - HDR Photography

Greetings All !…

Ive added another Group …. yes that makes 7…. yes i know i’m nuts

So if you have wondered about HDR , or just curious, drop in and have a look and join just to see what the best of HDR can do.

HDR Photography Group:

Also check out my other co-host groups

Nikon DSLR Users Group:

“National Parks Of The World”:":http://www.redbubble.com/groups/ontario-provinc...

Art Deco Heaven:

The Greatest View In The World:

Unwanted,Abandonned & And Saved Through Preservation:

Unique Buildings Of The World:


PS Don’t forget to support the VIctorian Bushfire appeal it’s now passed the $100 million dollar mark but that is just a drop of what is needed so check out the bushfire appeal on the daily wrap

It is now two weeks since the fire and there are still fires burning

Victorian Bush Fire Appeal - 4 Sales Thanks to those who have purchased

For the anonymous buyers who have bought four of my works recently thank you this has resulted in over $150.00 being donated from the profits to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal

For those overseas this bushfire crisis has resulted in over 1700 homes being destroyed and whole towns destroyed, the death toll now stands at 208.

The Red Bubble community has pulled together, with artists donating their profits and donating their work to raise monies and RB matching donations

Also see the group The Phoenix Appeal.

  • For more information on how the community is pulling together see the link on the “Daily Wrap”.

Amber – Berrys Bay – SOLD ! – Mounted Print

Let There Be Light – SOLD ! Poster

Man O War – Glen Davis , Capertee Vallkey – SOLD ! – Medium Framed Print

Times Past – Glen Davis, Capertee Valley

Sale - Two ! *Framed Prints* and the proceeds go to the Bushfire Appeal

A BIG thank you to the person who bought TWO framed prints

That is $100.00 going to the Victorian Bushfire Fund

Remember you too can help out by donating work to the "Phoenix Appeal or contacting accounts@redbubble.com and donating any sales.*

1x Framed Print of Times Past – Glen Davis Shale Works Ruins – The HDR Experience
Print Size: Medium
Frame Color: Walnut
Matte Color: Black
Frame Style: Flat Frame (30mm wide x 20mm deep)

1x Framed Print of Man O War – Glen Davis Shale Mining Ruins – The HDR Experience
Print Size: Medium
Frame Color: Walnut
Matte Color: Black
Frame Style: Flat Frame (30mm wide x 20mm deep)

I Will be Donating 100% of profits from Sales to the Victorian Bushfire Appearl

Greetings All

You may be aware of the Bushfire Crisis in the Australian state of Victoria, at this time the death toll is rapidly approaching 200 and according to authorities may reach 300.

Whole towns have been removed from the landscape, I am joining other members and donating the profits from any sales from my portfolio to the Bushfire appeal.

For information on what is being done within our wonderful community go to RB’s Daily Wrap and follow the links.

Additionally along with othersI have donated works to the Phoenix Appeal group.

Victorian Fire Disaster - Our thoughts Are With you

It has now been confirmed that 84 confirmed deaths have occurred with more being discovered during this weekend during the Fire Emergency in the Australian State of Victoria.

Along with 700 homes have been destroyed, and the emergency continues with entire towns destroyed. and national parks devastated

I would like to pass on our best wishes and thoughts I am sure the members of the groups I host would like to address.

There are many members of RB that are in those areas, even a RB group called Yarra Ranges. send them your support


Phil Johnson

National Parks Of The World
Unwanted Abandonned
Greatest View in the World
Nikon DSLR Users Group
Unique Buildings
Art Deco Heaven

Happy Australia Day To All - Aussie Classic Verse

THE MAN FROM IRONBARK by A.B. “Banjo” Paterson
It was the man from Ironbark who struck the Sydney town,
He wandered over street and park, he wandered up and down.
He loitered here, he loitered there, till he was like to drop,
Until at last in sheer despair he sought a barber’s shop.
“‘Ere! shave my beard and whiskers off, I’ll be a man of mark,
I’ll go and do the Sydney toff up home in Ironbark.”…

The barber man was small and flash, as barbers mostly are,
He wore a strike-your-fancy sash, he smoked a huge cigar;
He was a humorist of note and keen at repartee,
He laid the odds and kept a “tote”, whatever that may be,
And when he saw our friend arrive, he whispered, “Here’s a lark!
Just watch me catch him all alive, this man from Ironbark.”

There were some gilded youths that sat along the barber’s wall

Blue Storm - Many Thanks

Many thanks to the following groups that have featured Blue Storm-Newport-TheHDR Experience

  • The Beginners Group*
    Dawn and Dusk Light Group
    Out Of The Blue Group
    Sea Group

Also many thanks to those who have viewed, commented and favourited the work , with the result that the work is also featured on the Popular pages where it now sits on page one of the 30 day Popular page with 58 favouritings

Many thanks and a Happy New Year to All

I am Travelling The State Of Victoria - In Australia At The Moment

To all the members of the groups I Co- Host, A Happy New Year,. I am currently travelling the Australian State of Victoria at the moment on a photo safari as such wil, have only occasional access to the internet.

So if you have group questions please contact one of the many co-hosts

To all that receive this message a safe and Happy New Year



desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait