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Give RB some Feedback on next years calendars

Yes I know I’m Anal Retentive to be thinking about 2010’s calendar in 2009 , terrible ain’t I ?

But dropped a line to Jo O’Brien and we started a thread in the Community forums on what worked , what did’nt. And what would be our wishlist.

So here is the link, I always forget how to link the link properly

Maybe someone could show me one day

I have sold quite a few calendars this year , and thanks to RB for getting the templates out early as requested by the members

So drop by and add your comments

Merry Christmas to all


ho ho ho ho

Milestone: *100,000 Views!*

Thanks for all the support, views, favourites,comments, views and sales, Red Bubble is a great community.

While Im here don’t forget the groups I co-host

Art Deco Heaven
National Parks Of The World
The Greatest View In The World
Nikon DSLR Users Group
Unwanted, Abandonned and Worth Saving

Most Successful Image

Masters Paintbrush – Newport – The HDR Series Viewings= 2974

My Cup Runneth Over - 20 Features In 12 Days

Many thanks to the groups that have featured my work in the last 12 Days , all hosts work hard for their groups so please support them.

Also thank you for all the comments and favouritings , it is greatly appreciated

Moods Of A City – Colour Edition – Architecture and Cityscapes Group


Daybreak – Newport Beach – All The Colours of the Rainbow Group

Footprints In The Sand – All the Colours Of The Rainbow Group

Chilling Out – Mornings & Evenings Group

Sisters Sticking Together Rural NSW Group

He Isn’t The Mesiah He Is Just A Bad Bad Boy – Morning & Evenings Group

Alpine Awakening &#…

Thank You To Those Groups Featuring My Work

Many thanks to the hardworking Hosts that have featured my work over the last week, featuring in these groups is an honour

*Me Delapidated ? * – Delapidated Buildings Group

Puddles – Reflectivity Group

Ragtime – Gold, Silver,Gems Group

Supernatural – Mornings & Evenings

Somewhere – Sea Group

Garrison Church – Historic Churches Group

Rest For The Weary Mind – Live, Love and Dream Group

On Golden Pond – Mornings & Evenings Group

Spirits – Sydney Group

Frazer Vault – Amazing Graves Group

Gods Waiting Room – Amazing Graves Group

Promise Uncut – Stillness Speaks Group

Reflections In Time – Stillness Speaks Group

Oh No He Has Created Another Group *"Unwanted Abandoned And Worth Saving!

Greetings All !

Recently i attempted to add some HDR images to a group on Abandoned Buildings only to be told that group didnt accept HDR photography. So what better thing to do than create a group that is not biased against any particular photographic tecnique.

With a love of old buildings , that should be protected and the appreciation of communities thatt protect these wonderful buildings from times gone by.

And the beauty and mood of buildings that have sat neglected and unloved , what better idea than create a group that highlights this subject

This group is to feature work from empty buildings or buildings in threat of being lost forever, either by development or neglect.

The range of buildings can include, Hospitals,Asylums,Mental Hospitals, Factories, mansions,theatres,auditori…

*Milestone - 75,000 Views !*

Greetings All

Today I passed the magic 75,000 views mark, I would like to thank all the comments and favouritings and friendship that I have received since joining RB.

We are a great community

Thank You all

Sydney Group Meetup - Gladesville & Rozelle Mental Hospitals 18th October 2008

Just a quick note that the Sydney Group will be having a meetup and shoot at the Historic Gladesville & Rozelle Hospitals(Asylums) on Saturday 18th October 2008 at 9am. Both have great examples of old architecture dating back to the early days of Sydney.

If you have already replied please also go to the forum and check the updated details

please go to the forum section of the Sydney Group.

My Cup Runneth Over 19 Features in 10 days - Many Thanks

Many thanks to the groups and group hosts that have featured my work over the last 10 days. Support your hosts they work hard to make RB work

I Would Also like to thank all the members for all your comments favouritings and viewings you are great people

  • The Silence Before THe Storm* – Mornings & Evenings Group

*Garrison Prayers – Historic Churches Group

Dedication – Historic Churches Group

  • Reflections of New & Old * The Sydney , Sold & New South Wales Groups

Soldiers In The Mist – The Yarra Ranges GRoup

Spanning Time – The Metallic Junktion Group

Steps In Time – The Stairs Group

*Fire Inthe Sky * – The Horizons Group

Convict Stone – The New South Wales Group

!Emerald City* – The New South Wales Group

Gold – H

*New Group "Nikon DSLR Users Group - Update"*

*Greetings all *

We have established a new Nikon DSLR Users Group the group is open to everyone , but especially those RB members that are using Nikon equipment.

It is an area where we can swap advice and tips, we have built a group of Co-hosts with experience in various models that can help give advice and answer questions.

So if you want to drop in and say hi even if you don’t use nikon products or if you are curious.



*3307 Views, 186 Comments and 66 Favouritings* - Masters Paintbrush - Newport - The HDR Series

It amazes me how some shots take off with a life of their own in RB, Masters Paintbrush -Newport was originally taken because i never go anywhere without my camera.. And when you take Landscapes you always seem to be checking weather and clouds and light for that hint of pink and the light just in the right spot.

So for all those who have favourited ,viewed and commented , many thanks for giving this work 3307 views,186 comments and 87 favouritings since it was uploaded on 4th August 2008!

And the many groups hosts who have featured it

Masters Paintbrush -Newport – The HDR Series

Challenge of All Challenges Is Coming - The Greatest View In The World Group Challenge

There are many challenges in our Red Bubble Community, but this one will cross all groups, we challenge you or your group to submit your greatest view.

Each month we will be holding a challenge, but our challenge will span 12 months with the final winner

The group is for the entire world.

To find the greatest view on the planet, as voted by you.

Open to everyone.

To begin with we will just be promoting the group and getting as many people involved as possible, this may take a few weeks to achieve.

The first vote will probably take place in October 2008

So come join the “Ultimate Challenge” !

Many thanks to the Following Groups Featuring my work in the Last Seven Days

Many thanks to the hard working hosts that have featured my work in the last 7 Days, support your hosts and thank you to all for your support

Gold – Hill End – The HDR Series – “Australian Bush & Rainforest Group”

*Sisters – Jamieson Valley – Blue Mountains Series * " Blue Mountains of NSW Group"

Shadows Of The Past – Hartley Historic Village – "Blue Mountains of NSW Group*

  • A FIsheye View – Moods Of A City – THe HDR Series* – “All THe Colours of The Rainbow Group”

Silence Before The Storm – Moods Of A City – The HDR Series – “Both Sides Now Group”

Golden Chill – Hill End – THe HDR Series
“Seasonal Scapes Group”

*Mama Mia ! “The Greatest View in the World Group ”.* We Want You !

Hi everyone,

  • Drum Roll *

Alongside my good friend Lee Martin, we have created a group to find, as voted for by eveyone in the group, “The Greatest View in the World”.

We will run 12 monthly competions, with the 12 winners going into a grand final.

We will be spending the next few weeks promoting the group and getting as many people involved in it as possible.

Hoping that RB will come up with a prize of some sort, but we have plenty of time to sort that out.

This group is open to everyone who has that Perfect view in the RB community

Will be bugging you all again at some point about the group, so I shall appologise for that in advance.

So go Join, even if you dont want to submit a shot, its all about votes, and your vote will count.

Let’s Have Fun



PS Dont tell Lee that …

Many Thanks To 8 Groups Featuring My Work Recentlty

Many thanks to the hosts of the following groups who have featured my work in the last 10 days.

Support all your hosts who give of their time to create groups which are the base of our RB Community

Memories – The Sydney Group

Masters Paintbrush – All The Colours of The Rainbow Group & Scenery Group

Once Upon A Time – THe Dawn & Dusk Light Group

Sydney Uncut – The Dawn & Dusk LIght Group

OK Who Left the Light on ? – The Eeerie Light Group

*Darkness Falls * – THe Night Photography Group

Swingtime – Stillness Speaks Group

New Group Launched "Art Deco Heaven"

I am pleased to announce a new group "Art Deco World, the new group has been setup to highlight this period my Co-Hosts are Rose Moxon and Mel Brackstone.

If you have work that relates to this period or are simply interested in the period drop in and join.

Art Deco was a popular international design movement from 1925 until 1939, affecting the decorative arts such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design, as well as the visual arts such as fashion, painting, the graphic arts and film. This movement was, in a sense, an amalgam of many different styles and movements of the early 20th century, including Neoclassical, Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, and Futurism. Its popularity peaked in Europe during the Roaring Twenties1 and continued strongly in…

Many Thanks To The Three Groups Featuring my work

Many thanks for the featuring of my work in the following 3 groups, and for the work all hosts put into their groups

Stillness Speaks Group
Swingtime – Whale Beach – The HDR Series

All The Colours of The Rainbow Group & The Scenery Group
Masters Paintbrush – Newport – The HDR Series

My Cup Runneth Over Thanks for featuring in 5 Groups

Thanks to The Hosts who are currently featuring my works

Promise – In Stillness Speaks Group
Easter Island Statues in Sydney – Art In The Workplace Group
Marvel – All The Colours of The Rainbow Group
Awakening – Australian Landmarks and Icons Group

And recently Light in UK to Australia and Back Group

THank you its an honour, and a special thanks to the hosts who dedicate their time to making the RB community work. so please vist these groups the work displayed is awesome

I know because I Co-host National Parks of the World Group

Great to See the Younger Bubblers Contributing

In these days of kids on the street getting into trouble, its great to see contribution younger members of Red Bubble It is good also for the other members of RedBubble helping them out.

ok sermon over for today lol

Thanks for everones comments on my work as well, its a great community


Thanks to RB for featuring Artists from *National Parks Of The World Group* on World Environment Day

If you havent had a look at this group Drop In and say Hi, add some work come join the fun, we also have a competition running with the theme Anger , add to that forums on techniques, , national parks of the world, HDR Photography and more

So check out the RB Home Page and experience the Worlds most precious treasures our parks and World Heritage areas that belong to us and its our job to protect ….. and photograph

Provincial and National Parks Of The World Group Name Change

Greetings All

Most of you will know that Iam Co-Host of Provincial and National Parks Of The World Group , with Scott Robertson. After discussions with Scott and feedback from Members we have decided to drop the “Provincial” from the group name to make us easier to find.

So we are now *NATIONAL PARKS OF THE WORLD *group

We specialise in diplaying our members works relating to
National Parks
World Heritage Areas
Provincial Parks
State Parks

We welcome artists from around the wide world of RB to join and participate please circulate the word about the group, our parks are so important

And from a private point I would like to thank all those that give me great feeedback and support , we have a great community here so keep the good work coming



Red Bubble T-Shirts Help In Unexpected Ways

You all know we need more buyers, in here so I decided to do my part and bought some t- sirts stating “Photographer – Find Me At Red Bubble”

Well ive found that these not only get people to ask what is a Red Bubble And what do you do with it ?

But from a photographers view I found some unexpected benefits

1. When youre at large events, people get out of your way , lol thinking that youre Official" … well who am I to Argue ?

2. People Do Not get in youre way …. well the majority o the time

3. When your out and about , quite often your knowledge of the are is limited. Ive found the T-shirts help because the locals point you to special places the tourist don’t kmow about.


Just posted a suggestion to RB

Just a suggestion rather than waiting to the last moment, is it possible to get the template updated for 2009.

My reasoning is that we got the template available rather late in 2007, which put a pressure not only on members to get their act together but also REd Bubble and their printers to rush the work for printing and delivery.

By having the template available early, less pressure on members, printers and red bubble. ALso we can have stocks available before christmas resulting in more sales, and giving as xmas gifts, we also have more selling time before the year expires and the new arrives

also would be great to have calendars availble on RB to sell to the public

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait