Newsflash ! Hyde Park to Circular Quay(places filling Quick - Worldwide Photowalk 24th July Sydney

Greetings All !

Just a quick note on 24th July around the world Scott Kelby is holding the 3rd Annual Photowalk:

Check out the website at the moment there are 757 walks being held around the world on the same day and more walks being created daily.

Last year there were over 30,000 walkers participating world wide, one of the biggest meet and greets and there is more ! There are prizes to be won !

If you are in Sydney I will be organising a walk from Hyde Park to the Quay travellling through the historic streets of college street, macquarie and down through the botanic gardens. Numbers are restricted to 50 participants, and we will meet after the walk for meal and drinks and to just chat cameras and photography

If interested go HERE

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