Philip Johnson Jigsaws now available at BIG W ... and many thanks to RB

Its always great to get a sale on Red Bubble , but what Red Bubble offers is an invaluable means of getting your work seen by buyers who might want your images for a product or licence
It goes to prove Red Bubble provides an important means of getting your work noticed, and it can be in many ways like advertisers etc searching Red Bubble for images. Recently it was a game company Crown & Andrews looking for material for Jig Saws,
A collection of 8 of my images to be used for that purpose, the collection of 8 1000 piece jigsaws , are now on the shelves of the Australian Department stores* as the “Philip Johnson Collection” in time for they don’t cost much

  • STOP PRESS***8 New Jigsaws to be available in 2014

So thank you the RB community and Red Bubble for getting our work noticed


  • Gabrielle  Lees
    Gabrielle Lees7 months ago

    That is so cool! Well done my friend, I’ll look out for them!

    Gabe :)

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boynton7 months ago

    That’s absolutely sensational news, Philip!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Massive congratulations – you must be over the moon!!

  • Fara
    Fara7 months ago

    Well done………………………I am so excited with this new development………………I have been suggesting it for years………………………….good luck from a massive fan of jigsaws……………….Joyce

  • Malcolm Heberle
    Malcolm Heberle7 months ago

    Congratulations Philip … so good to hear

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomez7 months ago

    WTG Philip …

  • GerryMac
    GerryMac7 months ago

    That is fantastic news mate ! Your work is just amazing cheers Gerry

  • calvinincalif
    calvinincalif7 months ago

    It is hugely interesting what synergy is at work! Smashing fine product that will be greatly enjoyable and challenging to puzzle fans. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jackson7 months ago

    Don’t they look fabulous, very impressive Philip, we don’t have a Big W here, but one is supposed to be coming, so hopefully they will still have them, well done kiddo, they certainly are Beautiful images :o)x

  • myraj
    myraj7 months ago

    Fantastic news Philip. Sending congratulations your way. Your work speaks for itself.

  • David  Hibberd
    David Hibberd7 months ago

    Thats awesome Phillip congratulations.