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Melbourne, Australia

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They say home is where the heart is. Well then, I am at home while taking pictures. The essence of the art involves seeing something simple, yet being able to communicate with that frame to all others who view it. The art form, which also today involves knowing the post-production work, has taken me to ecstasy and to insightfulness of this planet.

Mostly, I see the beauty in the human body. So I have tried to show the different facets of beauty, passion and emotion.

For history now, then. Its been over three decades since I clicked my first picture and fell in love with the idea of being able to put a frame around the story I see. Although I moved into a different line of work, photography will remain where I want to excel and what I cherish the most in life.

I have to appologise for not being so active on Redbubble over the last 4-5 months. My day job is basicaly taking over my life, we all have to eat :-)
However I am still droping in whenever I have a spare moment to see all the new exciting art being uploaded. I promisse to be back with some new images soon.

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A challenge to carry the unofficial “best legs” tag for RB

I have entered into just a couple of challenges in different groups on RB. Somehow, even I don’t go vote much unless some one I know has included one of their pictures or the challenge sounds especially cool. Like most of us, I like legs. I had a picture that would go great into any legs challenge, so I entered it. Well, it’s always fun to win… And this is my first win. So thanks all for taking t…
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