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I tend to work in a series of 5 to 10 images related by subject, process and idea.
My work is diverse in that I do not stay with one process all the time. I cannot be categorizied as a digital artist or a painter. I love the creative process and need to explore many avenues of design.
I am currently creating multi media collages that exhibit my love for art nouveau and pop art. I am influenced by Alphonse Mucha and Peter Max , loving the line and color they use (used) in their work

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Sept 1 2009

Here we are doing similar things worlds away. You in Detroit, Ann Arbor, China or Peru. Making things because we have to. We are driven , If you do it ,you know what I mean. I see so many beautiful things that come from beautiful souls , I suppose. This medium connects me to those like me . I have been creating in a bubble for many years. It is good to know that I am not alone.
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July 29 2009

I see the world changing in a wonderful way. Back to simple endeavors, where people seek to create there own wares. On sites like this one and on others like etsy you see us grabbing hold of a new way to do old things. Things that make us feel satisfied that we created a viable product. Yes! We need this validation I think. For so long it is has been a one way conversation of marketer and market…
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Summer 2009

July 21 / I think that it has been a fairly productive summer so far. Time is going by quickly and my tablet is slowing down. I have amassed a huge body of work in this small thing. / I am working on all of the elements needed to produce a show of my work. I am calling the exhibit small,medium large . I have written some of the text to explain what it will be about. / I need to buy a hard drive…
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