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Stevie B

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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I’m a graduate web designer/developer but i went away from all that to focus on my amateur photography.

I started photography as a hobby when i received my 1st proper camera for my birthday in 2010, and i still do it today (just for those who want to know my experience of photography i.e. GROUPS!). I even completed a beginner’s photography course with the Open University, gained some experience with an online magazine and done some product photography and other event gigs.

Please check out my personal portfolio, 500px and

I have my own Facebook page aswell as a gallery on Deviant Art and another storefront on Zazzle. I also have my own blog which gets updated every now and again so please feel free to check them all out.

  • Age: 30
  • Joined: July 2009


Using the D5200

Ok, so last week i bought my 1st DSLR, a Nikon D5200, and couldn’t have been happier. After unboxing the thing and seeing all those buttons, i became very nervous. I’m familiar with some of the functions after using a bridge camera for over 2 years but some of the other stuff made me a bit uneasy. / Fast forward a week later, and i went out and about with the camera for the 1st time. …
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Feature Friday - Macro

I have started doing features on my blog every friday covering different subjects, which i’ve been doing for a while now, and i thought i should share on here. / So this week is macro, which can be found here. Enjoy :)
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1st sale of photo works

Someone was kind enough to buy 9 of my photo works in greeting card form! This is my 1st sale of any photographs i’ve posted on here in the 2 years i started displaying photography!!! / Busy streets of Bath / Confetti / Colour in an urban world / To brighten a dreary world / Squinty Bridge / Stonehenge / Frozen / Waterway of Little Bath / Simplicity / Thank you, whoever you are! :D
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Never much feedback

I’ve been posting photography works on Red Bubble more than t-shirt designs over the past year as i felt i could accomplish more with photos rather than my very amateur graphic works. / Since i started doing photography, i’ve been learning methods, techniques and the ins and outs of it all by any means possible, and applied my knowledge to my photos that i’ve been taking recentl…
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