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Woohoo! Found by RB!

It was great surprise to find out my piece “Bright Lights” made it to the front page of “Found by RB” Of course I was super happy to find out the news and be along side with the rest of the great works art! :)) / Thank you soooo much RedBubble! and to the entire RedBubble community, Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble! ;)
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Because I am happy ;)

It was great news today to find out that one of my pieces “Ode to Cornetto Part 2” would featured on the homepage. I am very excited to see it there. Thank you soooooo much RedBubble for choosing my work :) And thank you to my new followers! I am happy to follow back and see the great work that you do! / Everyone have an amazing week! :D
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Hellooooo RedBubble! ^_^

Its been a really long time since I have been here… and nothing better says welcome back than making a sale immediately. I was super stoked! :) THANK YOU to the buyer of Jeremy last night and buyer of Think Different in Feb. I appreciate the support. :) / I hope to spend more time here by finding great artists and contributing some work. For now, I want say HELLOOOOO! The extra “oR…
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