Lennox Head, Australia

Popping Pigs.

We endeavor to find the flow of the party
we try to slip between the bouncers like a hurricane in a waterfall
twisting up the natural torments and tormenting the naturally twisted.

We resist the casual acquaintances because we realize that our brethren know us best.

We subsist upon the so, so, so subtle requests coming from Norway and from the East.

We kill another hundred over a week and then we blanch the most restricted senses. We go to places that Area-51 is scared of. We pretend to not understand the fit of the world.

We pretend to not make ourselves into the places and the faces that you want to see fitting into the circles and the squares like perfect puzzle pieces.

So when the challenge is finished we find ourselves sitting casually on the winning side -
contemplating our pride in the pads, papers, pills and personas we have doomed to hell.

In the end we all burn

whether righteous or not

we will know our turn.

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