Lennox Head, Australia

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I found a lone cat.
I don’t know what to feed it.
I only have beer…

Ps. Happy Easter :)

Here’s a little viddy of the cute kitty.


  • msdebbie
    msdebbiealmost 5 years ago

    At least you’re not suggesting chocolate for it hehehe

  • hahaha nope! I ate all mine :D

    – RVRFNX

  • Jacqueline Eden
    Jacqueline Edenalmost 5 years ago

    Maybe it found you ;)
    Happy Easter to you

  • :D

    Thanks Jakki

    – RVRFNX

  • Obadiah-Qi
    Obadiah-Qialmost 5 years ago

    I had two cats
    I fed them tuna
    I had beer
    They weren’t getting my beer

    Happy Easter

  • I found some Tuna today that I could have fed the cat…. I ate the tuna and had another beer. I’ll be better prepared next time.

    I hope your Easter was joyous brother :)

    – RVRFNX

  • Abigail F.
    Abigail F.almost 5 years ago

    I would like to know, as it’s many hours later.
    What you did with said lone cat?
    Is he fed or hungry?
    Alone or in your company now?


  • I went to dinner and it left.

    I saw it again last night – running around the dark streets.

    – RVRFNX

  • Pooh
    Poohalmost 5 years ago

    I found a cat, well in reality it found me, sorta. For four weeks there was cat shit on my back lawn, so I assume he was leaving a present for me just to say hello …. thank god it was’nt a rat or something else. I spied it early this morning, laying on its back, ignoring me, like they all do. Slowly I walked towards it … it looked at me …. and I looked at him. Six guns on each hip … we eyed each other off … (he drew first, sheriff, Ise got witnessesssss). Realised he was the size of a Bengal Tiger and mean as a shithouse rat ….. guess I will still have cat shit on my lawn … it’s ok … it mow’s over.So ok, feed him, but usually he/she belongs to someone else. Cats are like that, they make up their own mind who they like, they also make up their own mind who will feed and protect them … good luck.

  • Cheers pooh :) I enjoyed your story. Mine isn’t the size of a bengal tiger, luckily. I’ve seen him again, last night, moving around the streets like a low-moon. Hopefully he’ll come chill on my porch some time again.

    – RVRFNX