“Because death is just so full and mine so small. Well I’m scared of what’s behind and what’s before.”

I create poetry because it’s pleasurable.
Inspiration comes and goes, rarely staying long.

I’m trying to live by my mother’s motto:
less is more.

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Francis Firebrace: Be a part of the story!

Hello one and all, / I want to tell you a little bit more about Francis Firebrace (you may have already read what I’ve written, inspired by him, in my poem Firebrace / Francis is: / A prolific hugger, entertainer and passionate humanitarian, Francis is on a mission to share the ancient wisdom of his people, told through the Dreamtime Stories. If you’ve never heard of these stories, this is …
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Zach Anner, an amazing person.

Zach is a young man with Cerebral Palsy but he doesn’t let that get in his way. He’s vibrant and joyful, funny and enigmatic. He WILL put a smile on your face! / Zach Anner
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Icebergs in the Western World carve beauty into the ancient heart.

We shall reap the rewards from the battlefield of our lusts – our songs will be sung in the halls of the blind and our feats will be remembered in the minds of the deaf. Stand where others fall, sing where others cry – making music upon the ground where the masses fall. Veritas Odium Parit. Break the minds of the beautiful to find vast entrances into the greatest unknown.
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Thoughts from a book I am reading...

1. The invisible man from upstairs is my problem, can’t you see? / 2. Gnarled lollipop sticks are left everywhere, / they are the crucifixes of our generation… / The poet strikes his chords, / licks his vowels / and gently kisses the metal soul / with the power to inspire or destroy nations. / 3. My bruises are burning / my cross is crushing / my dreams are perverting / and all hop…
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Music for spaces that / don’t exist any more / Music for places that / will always exist / Music for faces that / you would have once kisse…

Long Album

We settle for woman made metal womb hands / searching for god jesus christ / buddha casinodu baphomet. / Imagination squeezing out the fine…


There are a billion broken rooftops / with groaning eaves / chock full of gumtrees / with weird leaves the / colour of milo / and it is f…


I smoothed myself out / on a curtain made from my / frenetic fretted bones / and I stomped the sheen from my eyes / until I was mushed in …

Smoky Corona Dam

your cigarette slap / your twisted kiss / the way that you want me to lick your broken fist / your brittle hair / your pulsing skin / all o…

a taste of freedom

hiding emberred butts under tiny boulders and accidently burning beetles / Escaping on fresh tires / and drinking from whispered wine bottl…


And with shaky legs / virgin arms / and eyesight glued to the sky / friend empties blank pad / heavy pen / and deep as ocean book / into th…


Pale blue hues disassembled by well tuned vision and so soon I found my life consumed and my lust for division incised into a well created …

C.P.R. (Breathe)

I blame unnatural rhythm and / I so often box throughout the night with my own disbelief, / I do.

We the Chief

…Legs a-buzz with hidden lightning / sometimes I am a submersible broken, / totally just a little frightening. / But I know that̵…

I Will Tell All

The sudden rush of gold-lipped lickers on sickening twisted gut-punching benders / howl-tripping through lit-wicked so fickle and slick mon…

Weather Men

Remember when / remembering when / was not a / post-modernike consideration of / “how can I fit in tonight” / or any such / inc…
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