Caress the detail, the divine detail
(Vladimir Nabokov)

Inside yourself or outside,
you never have to change what you see,
only the way you see it

(Thaddeus Golas)

I have nothing to say, and I’m saying it, and that is poetry
(John Cage)

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… all that is poetry
a collection of my creation – my dreams, my colours, my shapes – from architecture … to the soul.



(flowers and nature details)

Thank you very much for your interest in my work;
please, respect it and ask me for permission if you wish to use my images :-)

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.. I don't know how to start .... !!!

<b>… big time party tonight! ;-D</b> / I have not been much here in the last days, and tonight I wanted to have a look and … I found so many beautiful surprises that I “must” to thank you all for that! / well, first of all,<b> I have been featured in All Things Orange Artwork Gallery : </b> / my first time as featured member!, and I am really very h…
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new - and someone not so new! - features: thank you!

blue & curry – that is, btw, one of my last work I love at best!, has been featured in All Abstract Art / red for passion has been featured in Shapes & Patterns / still meeting has been featured in Italy and all Things Italian / “=| ": has been featured in Shapes & Patterns / and .- has also been featured in Shapes…
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so many nice things happened!

first of all, I must thank mr/mrs x for be the first! buyer of a work of mine!: / well, I will not be rich in a short time, BUT!!! – I’m so proud and happy about it! / so, thank you again! ;-D / then, some .. upgrade about features! / has been featured in All Abstract Art / has been featured in Abstracts from Nature and in Black with a hint of colour / thank you all for your kind and …
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features - for some shot I love in a very special way :-)

red wings has been featured in Escher and Perspective Art / may madness n.1 has been featured in Shapes & Patterns group / thank you very much! these two shots are particularly meaningful for me :-)
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