Russ Henry

“All of these memories are my diamonds on a strand”

The people that we meet, the places that we visit and the things that we see along the way become our personal memories. Some of these memories are complete and permanent. Others become abstracted by time and distance and by our ability to reflect on them with any degree of distortion. These art pieces are reconstructions or abstractions of some of the people, places and things that I have had the blessing to experience so far.

My artwork is inspired by artists and architects such as Nadir Afonso and the late Fernand Leger who seem to have the ability to let order assemble itself in their art with little unnecessary force.

Russ Henry is a self developed artist born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1964. He works in a variety of media including acrylic, watercolour, charcoal and ink. His work has been collected privately and can be seen in print and in group and solo exhibits.

  • Joined: June 2010