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Another Red Bubble member left me a great comment that I think sums up a lot of my work ……“always something strange in your photos… another way to see the Reality of your environment !”

As part of the Print & Media department at Fort Erie Race Track, in Ontario Canada, I shoot & edit Video & stills as well as do a bit of graphic design work (posters & print ads mostly).

I do a bit of freelance shooting & editing.

Almost everywhere I go I have a camera & mic “just in case”. Because of this I end up with lots of ‘street’ or spontaneous stills & footage. I try to funnel the stills into my photo stream & blog as the ‘Pic Of the Day’.
Editing video takes me so much longer than preparing stills for posting that I rarely get the time to create videos that aren’t part of a job. But occasionally I get to create a piece just for fun.

The username RUMIMUME, (pronounced: are-you-my-mummy) is the same for all of my online activities.

Here are links to more of my work.

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