Nigerian Scammers VS the Amazing Spider Al

Hi Guys,

A weird thing happened to me this week. I have been dabbling with some online marketing on a website called “Craigslist”. Anyway I was excited to here someone from Amsterdam wanted to order 10 of my shirts . Today I discovered that the person ordering wanted more of my personal details so that they could send money through “Storm PAY” . My “spidey senses tingled” so I did a quick google on some of the emails contents and found to my delight it was actually a Nigerian scam. It was pretty funny actually because they expected me to send them a bunch of t-shirts without going through Redbubble or PAYPAL. They wanted Tees first and money later.

Here is a copy of todays Email:

Thank you for your reply, and I want you to know that I am from Utah and also a UK Diplomat residing in London.
Am still in State now for break, but will soon be leaving back to England to resume work. I could have met you myself for face-to-face business but I don’t have chance for that such now.
I’ll be paying you through Storm-pay Online Money Order or PAYPAL.You can only use Storm Pay for payment in their Auctions. It’s secure and protects two parties in a transaction. I will like you to provide the below requirements in your reply for me to send it to storm-pay Office for payment before you ship it.

1)Full Name:…………………….
2) Full contact address:………………………….
3)Phone Number……………………..
All this information should be provided correctly to avoid wrong payment.
I will forward my wife residential address to you for shipping as soon as the payment reaches you.
I will be very grateful to hear from you soonest."

The email address was:

Does anybody want to order 10 of my shirts to cheer me up?
Anybody? What about one of you millionaires driving around in your limo scanning the internet, on your N-series mobile, for new raw artistic Teeshirt talent? Can I start filling out the order for you mate?

Oh well back to the drawing board.


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