I currantly live in Amsterdam and was born in Nottingham England,i enjoy writing Quirky quotes and Poetry.The world is bigger than your own doorstep i always say or sometimes you have to go somewhere to get somewhere in life so travel.

I take photography for fun and love writing I’ve always loved those little sayings or quote that people have written over the years, George Moore 1852-1933 an Irish writer wrote.
Man travels the world in search of what he needs,
returns home and finds it, short and sweet something easy you can remember meaningful and inspirational.
Nostradamus 1503-1566 wrote -Time is nothing the desire to love is everything, once again meaningful and short easy to take away with you and be inspired by.
If you can find the right words then you have the power to stop wars move people and touch them like nothing else in the world ,Politicians battle with words, children play with words and some of us can be lost for words and why, because words mean everything literally.

I’m an amateur photographer also and started snapping away about three years ago,i enjoy photography because every photograph is unique,captureing the right image seeing it for the first time it’s like magic, something I would recommend to anyone-A photograph is a work of art that speaks to you and tells you everything.

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