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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

A presence enfolds me in warmth serene
Soft, gentle breath upon my cheek,
Untouched yet sensed in a dream

A glimpse of knights shimmering armour
Waiting upon the mount of knowledge
Utter faith in my surrender to his will
I relent, trust in karma
Drawn into depths of laughing eyes
My denial of truth now shattered
Not a sound escapes these parted lips
Yet Infinite words flood the mind
Dare not fight this jubilant heart
Melting quick with resignation
Safety sought in whispered words
Comfort found within strong arms
Succumbed to his many charms

Caress of lips upon my skin
Ahh tis not a dream
Yes I sigh with a smile
So satisfied!

Rhonda :)

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This poem was written for the below writing challenge which involved using all the words in the list. It was done in a rush & just for fun but despite that it met the criteria which was my whole aim.

Anni’s word challenge

The words:
comfort; shattered; presence; safety; infinte;
jubilant; knights; untouched; trust; serene;
gentle; waiting, satisfied, truth
(Optional: shimmering)

Do you feel up to a little challenge?…let’s see what YOU whip up! :-)

No rules apply…only

1. Incorporate all the words (or as many as you possibly can) in no particular order
2. Post your write on your page and let me know by BM so I can link all participants here making it easy for visitors to cross-read all participants.
3. Feel free to copy the “challenge details” and add it in the description field of your contribution or link it back to this one

Just have fun!


wrtiting, challenge, poem, dream, love, knight


  • AnniG
    AnniGover 3 years ago

    A most fabulous job, you did with this one Rhonda! Congrats on being the first off the mark and dishing us up such succulent dreams…
    So glad to see you participate. Feel free to follow the other submissions for this informal challenge here

  • Thank you so much Anni!!

    Wow..first in, now thats unusual for me..woohoo!!

    It was a lot of fun for which I thank you. I have to admit a couple of the words nearly had me stumped but somehow I made them fit the jigsaw…lol

    I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with…playtime!!!

    Rhonda :) xo

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • JaneClaire
    JaneClaireover 3 years ago

    That’s lovely Rhonda. x

  • Thank you Jane, having some words to get me going really helped…my muse is being illusive lately…lol
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • S .
    S .over 3 years ago

    beautiful work … way to conquer the writing challenge and produce some pure poetry :)

  • Wow, thank you Shoaib…my ego is dancing now with your wonderful compliment, so glad you enjoyed my ramblings.
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

    WOBBLYMOLover 3 years ago

    oh what a stunning piece of writing, beautiful

  • thank you Lorraine, so glad you enjoyed it…was very quickly put together but a lot of fun.
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • Rikki Woods
    Rikki Woodsover 3 years ago

    Wonderful writing.

  • Thank you Rikki :) was a fun one to do…helps when someone feeds you some words to trigger the stagnant muse…lol
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • rjcolby
    rjcolbyover 3 years ago

    Very good love poem Rhonda. I like the lines, “Safety sought in whispered words /
    Comfort found within strong arms”.

  • Thank you so much Dick.
    My husband was my inspiration and has often provided both. I really appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment and more so that you enjoyed the poem.
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • sandra .
    sandra .over 3 years ago

    The fun of a set word challenge is to see/ read how others assemble their words, I enjoy the tenderness of your poem and moreso that it was in part inspired by your husband…xx

  • I so agree Sandra, I love seeing how diversely these words are being portrayed..I am amazed at the results.
    Im so happy that I was able portray the way my husband makes me feel…he was at work at the time I wrote it and to be honest I was missing him so I wrote him back to me…imagined his presence with me.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Im so glad you enjoyed my words.
    Rhonda :) xo

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseover 3 years ago

    Terrific writing Rhonda- this took me by surprise in your pf. Add another feather to your cap!

  • lol Rosie Im full of surprises! :)
    thank you so much for your amazing compliment, so glad you enjoyed my write.
    Rhonda :) xo

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • wildwomenlove
    wildwomenloveover 3 years ago

    gorgeous Rhonda…well done you…x

  • awww thank you wild!! I love getting a pat on the back…glad you enjoyed this.
    Rhonda :) xo

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 3 years ago

    A wonderful use of Annie’s challenge words Rhonda, a fabulous and lyrical seduction. It is good to see the diverse offerings from the various writers :-)

  • Thank you so much Matt! awesome to hear from you again my friend, Ive missed you.
    Really happy to hear you enjoyed this piece…so fun to write and have Anni’s words to prompt.
    Rhonda :)

    – Rhonda F. Taylor

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