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Project Overkill

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Zombiemon: Digging up New Designs

I’m trying to get my Zombiemon back out of the ground and on to Redbubble. Click on the image to go to my Rockethub project page and make a donation or just check it out. I would really appreciate some help from the bubble community on this one. Post it to Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, tweet about it on Twitter, link it in your blog, e-mai it to friends, heck you could even mention it in a…
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My Childhood

Is it so wrong to look back on my childhood with the long and dried out shadow of a man far greater in years? Should I take heart that I’m still “young” in some way and that my best years are supposedly ahead of me? Why can’t I shake the nagging feeling that my childhood was the best time of my life? / There were a lot of things about my childhood that made me who and sadly, what I am today. So m…
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1st Print

Sold lots of t-shirts to date and I’m glad people like my work – but it occured to me the other day that I had never sold a print! / Lo and behold I login to find that I’ve sold my first! / Messy and Pains from my Zombiemon parody series! / WOO! – and to the person who bought it, enjoy!
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So I received an e-mail today asking if I were ever consider selling the rights to my Zombiemon designs and if so, how much? / When I replied that “yes, I would” and “for no less than X”; I got an e-mail back saying I was out of my mind and that this group inquiring about them could out-sell me any day…he/she (not sure who was actually typing but they represented the…
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