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Road Trip To South Australia

In February my husband and I decided to visit some old friends in Goolwa, South Australia, near the mouth of the Murry River. We had our car checked before we left just to make sure it was up for the trip. We set off on a Wednesday morning with the GPS ready for any detour we might encounter. We made it to Mount Gambier the first day without any problems. We went to see the blue lake, it was beautiful. We stayed overnight and left the next day for Goolwa. Our fiends were happy to see us. We spent many long hours talking and comparing city living with small town life. Tony and I drove into Adelaide one day and Hahndorf on another day. In all we stayed with our friends 4 nights, they were wonderful hosts.All along the way I had been taking photos as we drove. I was most interested in water and shadows. I knew I wanted to paint again and this was the first inspiration I had had in a long time.After Goolwa, we headed for Mildura. Just outside of the city the car began to overheat. We just made it to our hotel where we called our auto club, the RACV, and asked for help. They towed the car away and it is still in Mildura. We flew home, leaving the car there to be repaired. We will have to fly backe to pick it up and drive back to Melbourne. It will cost us $2,000 to repair the car plus the air fare. This turned out to be an expensive holiday, indeed. So, if you read this please take a moment to have a look at my paintings from South Australia. It would be greatly appreciated.

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