I’m just an ordinary guy. I’m interested in more creative pursuits at this point in my life. I paint in oil, acryllic, watercolor and pastels as well as digitally. I like photography both digital and 35mm. I write poetry, sing and record my own songs as well as the music of some other musicians that I admire. Hopefully I’ve hit the mark on a few of my endeavors. All input and advice are greatly appreciated. So, have a look and a listen (some of the art/photos/poems have links to song files and/or YouTube videos) that I hope you will enjoy.

My Almost Music

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I’ve had another of my efforts “Valley of the Wind,” added to a collection of those already posted in the “Lyrical Visions Group” today. I’m at a loss for words. They’ve kept me as the lone featured member for over a month now and I still don’t know why. Just as I don’t know why these visions seat themselves in my head. Nor why I feel my ha…
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The One Tree

We are but branches of the One Tree / can we tear ourselves away from the One Tree / without its roots being weakend? / And when those roots weaken, / might not the One Tree topple, / fall and die? / Can we then live without our roots?
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Somewhere out of body, out of space and time, we all touch.

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Made a featured member in "Lyrical Visions" group

Today, March 31, 2010, I was the featured member in the “Lyrical Visions” group. The first time that’s ever happened to me. Now I feel, just special. Thanks to my host, Keeli.
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