Anjelica Dreamt by * RoyAllenHunt * Conformed by * RoyAllenHunt * Le Jardin Chinois by * RoyAllenHunt * The Magi by * RoyAllenHunt * Peace by * RoyAllenHunt * Autumn Memory by * RoyAllenHunt * Sandra Con Lagrimas Negras by * RoyAllenHunt *

A Decaying Form

In a quiet place shut-in / seeing no one, hearing nothing. / Closed off as I am / my spirit runs still / in the field of grass I knew once…
Madonna & Child Christmas by * RoyAllenHunt *

Nearer than ever was before

RoyAllenHunt © November 10, 2012 / Nearer than ever was before / these unhappy portents just off the shore / come rolling in with the tide…
Citadel by the Sea by * RoyAllenHunt * Gaia's Disappointment by * RoyAllenHunt * The Woman Ruth by * RoyAllenHunt *

The Dreamer Slept But Did Not Dream

The dreamer slept but did not dream / Cocooned was he / so still / but not in peace / His conscience waiting / to be filled / A future tha…
Where the Light Comes In by * RoyAllenHunt *

The Gone

the gone they will sing songs to soothe us back to ourselves / to restart us like the music player suddenly powered-on again.
Sad Young Men Drinking in the Bar by * RoyAllenHunt * We Are Angels Sometimes by * RoyAllenHunt * The Death of the Queen by * RoyAllenHunt * The Madness of the King by * RoyAllenHunt * Cold and Lonely by * RoyAllenHunt * Silhouette on a Sofa by * RoyAllenHunt * Tea at the Window by * RoyAllenHunt * In My Garden by * RoyAllenHunt * Thru the Shadows by * RoyAllenHunt * Vi and Karen on the Patio by * RoyAllenHunt * When We Are Grown Old by * RoyAllenHunt *  Pintado en Vidrio by * RoyAllenHunt *

The Kingdoms of Man

RoyAllenHunt © May 7, 2011 / In the passing of time / of steel and the merciless hand / shall we be remembered? / In our thirst for the bla…
The Kingdoms of Man by * RoyAllenHunt * A Prayer for the Enemy by * RoyAllenHunt * Slow Drag Dancin by * RoyAllenHunt * A Place I've Never Been by * RoyAllenHunt *

Spoken from a Dream

Or was my fancy so sweet that it quickened too few of my senses/And dulled all the rest?’
Do You See What I See? by * RoyAllenHunt *


I may not glow in my words / nor shine in my deeds / but, in my love for you I am a bright light / that is yours alone to see. / In it wrap…
Le Bouquet by * RoyAllenHunt *

Nothing of it Left Behind, RoyAllenHunt © June 15…

The sights that I would let my eyes see / Wash over and caress so lovingly / hold forever in my memory…

Mother, June 8, 2010

Heal thyself where we have injured you and let your blood to flow.

Balance (only a thought)

When we can find balance between our minds and our emotions we are able to walk the tightrope of existence and no strong wind of opposition…
The Colored Sea by * RoyAllenHunt *

Surfing the Inside Wave

You can get lost in here and disappear / Do yourself harm beyond repair / If you give in to hopelessness and fear
A Maddening Flight by * RoyAllenHunt *

Under a Van Gogh Sky (Dream Memory)

not much tinsel in this town / freaks with broken spirits feeling down / finding ways to get their fix / waiting tables or turning tricks
Strangers’ Voices Poem by * RoyAllenHunt * Strangers’ Voices by * RoyAllenHunt * After the Fire by * RoyAllenHunt * Valley of the Wind Poem by * RoyAllenHunt * Valley of the Wind by * RoyAllenHunt *

FEATURED IN: “The New Beat Generation” on 4/5/010 / FEATURED IN: “Every Little Thing You Do” on 5/11/010 / No one…
Cold Memory (Inspired by a dream of flight) by * RoyAllenHunt * Under a Van Gogh Sky by * RoyAllenHunt * On the Civil War by * RoyAllenHunt * Nippon Nite by * RoyAllenHunt *

Windows in Corridors Walls Within Halls

but when we assess the discordant fervor that seems all around we retreat to our separate corners and cuddle ourselves down.
Easter Peace by * RoyAllenHunt * Van Gogh's Copie "Japonaiserie: Trees in Bloom" par Moi by * RoyAllenHunt *

To Survive Here…

I’m not talking about the Rapture / I see nothing rapturous in / Calamity and disaster.
Kealapauone, Aquarius the Water Bearer by * RoyAllenHunt * Michael, Aquarius the Water Carrier by * RoyAllenHunt * Windows in Corridors Walls Within Halls by * RoyAllenHunt * Kitaro's Silk Robe (based on his Silk Road) by * RoyAllenHunt * My Big Sneaker by * RoyAllenHunt * Growing in The Park by * RoyAllenHunt * Twilight Christmas in the Alps - For David & Brad  by * RoyAllenHunt * Merry Christmas by * RoyAllenHunt *

My Most Perfect Thing

I awoke from a dream at about 2:53 A.M. this image and these words ruminating inside my head. / My Most Perfect Thing"
My Most Perfect Thing by * RoyAllenHunt *

The Soul, The Flesh and a Dream

This writing was inspired by Rosa Cabos’ Sweet Plumpy’s Dreaming / How souls are come to human flesh / through dreams bourne o…
The Path by * RoyAllenHunt * From The Rocks Out to The Sea by * RoyAllenHunt * If I Never Ever Told You by * RoyAllenHunt *


…life lived long and full does after time run its course.

Like Rain (I was just thinking…)

As we age and begin to fade, as our whole selves disintergrate, do our particles like dust and sand scatter on the plains? or is there a g…

Sweet Mystery of Life

Sweet mystery of life from the cradle to the grave / That elusive thing that every single soul does crave

Her thoughts

Her thoughts she keeps close to home. Most times they are hers alone…


It has been written, it has been said that God is the highest that our souls can reach, the highest vision that we can see within ourselves.
Genesis\Seeded from the Stars I by * RoyAllenHunt * Genesis/Seeded From the Stars II by * RoyAllenHunt * Truth/Ma'at Doesn't Have to Hurt by * RoyAllenHunt *
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