Roughly Speaking 10

Oh boy.

It’s 11:11pm Thursday night and I’m just sitting down to eat my dinner. At the computer. Where else.

This afternoon’s little jaunt to the School Gala was nowhere near as eye opening as I thought it would be. It was freaking eye POPPING!!!

I spent 3 solid hours snapping constant moving heads, torsos, arms, legs, flying missiles in the shape of blown up toys, dodging running kids dodging other running kids, my own kids asking for more money cause “but muuuuummmm I didn’t know that I wanted one of those until I saw Jeremie had one” … crouching in the strangest places, standing atop chairs photographing sizzling snags (sausages for you uncooth ones) and looking rather out of place with all my equipment hanging off me among pram pushing, hamburger eating parents and teachers.

I took 400 odd photos … not a lot for 3 hours, but I did get every painted face, every special event, Strawberry the clown, my own kids hitting other kids with blown up missiles, and a very lost looking little kitten (picture to follow eventually).

This is a prelude to a 6 day event I’m possibly doing next March. The Gala was 3 hours. I got there at 5.30pm … I’m eating at 11:11pm … I’d do the equation but I’m hopeless at maths. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a pretty number anyway, something like get there at 8am Monday, eat at 3:36am the following Sunday morning.

This overnight success business is hard work.

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