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No home for cars and motorsport by RB.

I’ve changed in summer 2009 from a German-speaking photo-community to RB.
Two reasons:
1.RB has the better concept
On account of a varied group structure every user is able to develop his creative potential. The groups reveal a tremendous amount of topics and they are described by clear rules.
Every group is checked by committed hosts. The hosts keeping of the rules and they encourage users by a varied number of activities to develop their creative potential (challenges, features…).
2. Quality and variety in the field of cars, motorbikes and motor sport
In four groups users upload their work in a very high quality and in a great variety. The wide range reaches from classic cars and motorbikes to topical motor sports. For my special interest there is a beautiful view of the American world of cars.
The way of speaking in the groups is always friendly and well-informed.
Where is the problem?
Who has made his choice in the major subject of the currently motor sport and in currently motorcars and motorbikes has lost his groups after 10 uploads.
Groups are the home of the users. Without a group you have lost all advantages I described in point 1.
Although in connection with this homeless, I’ll remain faithful to RB.
Uwe Rothuysen

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