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Check Your Xmas Orders

So I checked the christmas shipping deadlines set by RedBubble and made sure I got my Xmas presents order in three days before the cutoff date of the 7th of December. Four presents sorted – sweet.…

Yesterday however, it occurred to me that I hadn’t received the usual “your order has been shipped” email and I decided to chase it up. It turns out it my order has been “held up by stock shortages”. Now that’s fine – there’s nothing RedBubble could have done about that but what really annoys me and is incredibly disappointing is that I wouldn’t have even known that my shirts weren’t arriving before Xmas had I not chased it up myself.

To RedBubble’s credit, they refunded me $100 but now I have to go out and buy four more presents which won’t be as cool a present as t-shirts designed by myself. A

Save the Net has started a campaign to stop compulsory filtering of the internet in Australia. I quote:…

_The Federal Government is planning to force all Australian servers to filter internet traffic and block any material the Government deems ‘inappropriate’. Under the plan, the Government can add any ‘unwanted’ site to a secret blacklist.

Testing has already begun on systems that will slow our internet by up to 87%, make it more expensive, miss the vast majority of inappropriate content and accidentally block up to 1 in 12 legitimate sites. Our children deserve better protection – and that won’t be achieved by wasting millions on this deeply flawed system._

Please help the campaign here and stop these draconian measures from being introduced and making Australia no better than China or I

T-Shirt Calendars

Now I’m not sure if anyone else has done this so I’ll apologise in advance if I’m being redundant.
I’ve just uploaded a calendar made from my t-shirt artwork. I’m not sure if it’s an idea that will sell, however it is a good way to show off your work. If you haven’t seen one, the quality of the RB calendars is really good. If you’re going to make one, you will need to recreate the artwork though. I remade 12 images at 275mm (w) x 240mm (h) @ 300dpi and then uploaded them into art and selected ‘hide this work from others’. The cover image is 244mm (w) x 365 (h).
Feel free to contact me if anyone needs help preparing their artwork.

Making "Escape"

My friend Rhys McDonald recently asked me how I made Escape so I thought I’d do a step-by-step guide to show how it was done.…

It was made using three vector images (pictured) and the brush tool options in Photoshop.

The first step is to download the RedBubble t-shirt template and open it up in Photoshop. Next, I opened up the splatter image in Illustrator, coloured it red, rotated it and copy/pasted it onto the RB template file. When you do this you will be asked whether you want to paste as a smart object, pixels, path or a shape layer. I always like to choose smart object as this allows you to resize at any time and not affect the resolution. I resized it to the size I wanted (very large) and hit enter:

The next step was to get the tree knocking out the colour so that it would change de


I made a little video of my t-shirt designs using iMovie to put up on YouTube as another promotional tool. Not quite sure what I think of it yet or if it will achieve anything.

Have a look here

Free Shipping

For those who missed or ignored the RB general bulletin, RedBubble are offering free shipping until the 30th of October. Simply enter the code ’100000masterpieces’ during the checkout process.

Time to do some shopping people! (And tell all your friends and family and random strangers).


Recently I ordered one of my own shirts to be sent to a friend in the UK (I’m in Australia). I was told by RB that I had to pay VAT on that. Can anyone explain to me why this is so, AND why RB doesn’t cover this, especially as I’m not making any money from the shirt because it’s my shirt?

Some Of My Favourite Sites For Making Shirts

Just a quick little entry to point people towards some of the sites on the Interwebbernet I like to use for shirt-making:…

Free Stock
A great site for free, high-resolution, good quality images. Make sure you check the licences on the photos you download though as some of the photographers prefer it if you ask their permission first.

Dafont have one of the best organised and most up-to-date collection fonts I’ve come across on the internet. If you’ve seen a font used in a local street mag, then there’s a good chance dafont will have it. If you’re using a Mac with OSX, you can use any of the fonts on the site.

Free Vector
Now a Google search for ‘free vector images’ will turn up a lot of sites with a lot of great mat

Been away...

I have been away for the past two weeks and also had two separate bouts of a rather nasty gastro flu and as such have missed a lot of RedBubble activity. So I apologise for missing a lot of people’s new artwork and shirts. If anyone feels like sending me some links, I’d love to look at what’s been done.



Our Premier has just quit making my two pieces of artwork featuring him irrelevant. :-(

Ah well….

T-Shirt Competition

The Galleries Victoria have a t-shirt design competition running at the moment. If you win, they’ll print 1000 of your shirts! There are apparently other prizes but they don’t say what they are. Be careful though – they will own your design if you win, so only upload something you don’t want to keep for yourself.
Before you enter, perhaps read this article on moral rights.

From The Back Of The Closet - #2

Welcome to this week’s Back Of The Closet! Another brilliant pop culture shirt this week from MiniMumma called Yum Yum 80s Retro Three

Now, if I have to explain this one to you, you obviously weren’t watching enough afternoon television in the 80s. It is of course, The Goodies!. I apologise to those too young, and those who never saw it, but The Goodies are a cultural reference point for a whole generation. Along with Dr Who, Kenny Everett and Monkey, they ruled after school television.
The genius of this shirt is that just from the hair (and Graeme’s glasses) you know immediately who it is. It’s a triumph of design simplicity. Here’s what MiniMumma has to say about the shirt:

My inspiration was only one of the best TV shows ever on, well, TV! My older sister got me into them and from th

From The Back Of The Closet - #1

To say there are a lot of shirts on RedBubble would be somewhat of an understatement. I guess only the admins know how many new ones are uploaded each day. In amongst the delightful designs and dire dross however, I feel there are quite a few brilliant shirts that are missed, ignored or sometimes forgotten. The idea of this semi-regular journal then is to highlight a shirt you may not have seen, may not have known about or perhaps completely forgotten about. Welcome to From The Back Of The Closet.

First off the bat is Wintoons by Naefox

A brilliant illustration for a cartoon series that doesn’t exist (but should!) based on the hit TV Show ‘Supernatural’. I know I would definitely be watching this. If there are any TV execs out there – take note! (Oh, and give Naefox a lot of money for

Photographer or Terrorist?

Here’s a very relevant and prescient article from the BBC. Remember that “photographers have every right to take photos in a public place” and don’t put up with small cock police bullying.

Here is an article on what your rights are.

Boycott Beijing Artwork

I’ve started this to keep track of any artwork I find that deals with the issue of a country with an appalling human rights record and an illegal invasion hosting the Olympics.…

So far I have:

Yingying the Tibetan Antelope by Damien Mason

Torch of Oppression by DRAWNABLANK

Unofficial Uniform of the Chinese Olympic Team by Nofrillsart

Hop, Shoot, Jump by Betelnut

Five Handcuffs and Five Targets and Chinese Present for Tibet by Ronald Wigman

Disqualify by Yanmos

Olympic Games 2008 and Boycott Olympics 08 by Faizee

Sit In by Thetatecreative

2008 – Really? by Rubyred

Beijing 2008 by Cathie Tranet

The Olympianks by Kathleen

Oi Oi Oi Cott by Samedog.

Mankind by Bites

2008 Gold Medal by Vinko

Torture Games by Faizee

Beijing 2008 #1 Beijing 2008 #2 Beijing 2008 #3 by TeeArt

The World Is Watchi

My Brief Few Hours In The Sun

For a couple of hours the other day, one of my t-shirts made the front page. I took a screen shot to prove I didn’t imagine it:

link here

Mine is the monkey, second from the left at the top there. It did wonders for the shirt, I’ve had 432 views, 22 favouritings and 24 comments. I don’t know who selected for its brief stint on the front page, but thank you. And splatmonkey thanks you too.

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