American Apparel on the brink of collapse?

A worrying article from Insolvency News here


  • zomboy
    zomboyover 4 years ago

    yeah i have been following this too because I was considering them for my brand. Not looking too good is it? not surprising considering their business practices are deplorable! I am in the process of looking into alternative, including ‘alternative apparel’ – very cool brand.

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...over 4 years ago

    I live in Maryborough Victoria Australia, and for decades one of the biggest employers was the Maryborough Knitting Mills ( MKM ). It made Jockey and Bonds garments and a few others. With the dismantling of the tarrifing system we had, it slowly went bust. All the machinary, looms, etc went to China. It went bust because it could not compete with the cheap imports being made by under paid and exploited workers. There are very few clothes manufacturers left in Australia other than for the top end of the market….

  • Ross Robinson
    Ross Robinsonover 4 years ago

    More on the story here

  • Bruce  Dickson
    Bruce Dicksonover 4 years ago

    Beware the worship of any cult brand?