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Calling Melbourne Photographers

My good friend David Gilliver is running a lighting course on Tuesday evenings from 22 May to 26 June 2012 at the Rosstown Hotel in Carnegie, Melbourne. / The course consists of 6 lecture/demo sessions and one practical outdoor session, conducted over 6 weeks. This course starts with basic theory and then applies that theory through a structured series of live camera demos displayed on a digital …
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T-Shirt competition for Nudie & Amnesty

All the details here / http://www.nudiejeans.com/empowerment-challenge/
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Storm In A Teacup on RIPT

My t-shirt “Storm In A Teacup” is on RIPT in about 4 hours. That’s the 6th of December US CST. It’s only $10 for only 24 hours! Buy shedloads for Xmas presents!!
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Arbitrary Enforcement of Copyright on RB

I’ve just had one of my iPhone cases removed. This one: by RedBubble citing that it does not conform to their user guidelines in that I do not own the image. / Considering RedBubble’s promotion email launching the iPhone cases had at least three noticeable copyright violations, I find this a little hard to understand. Does anyone know how the RB system works? Is it only when someone …
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