1 million views

Who would have thought!!!

Thank you to all who have viewed, encouraged, purchased, and offered constructive criticism along the way. There is nowhere on earth that we could hang our work (physically) and have over 1m viewers in a mere number of years.

The RB family is fabulous.

Vale Dennis Gay

News has just reached me that Dennis passed away peacefully this morning (Sunday 21 April 2013) in a nursing home in Port Macquarie. Precise details have not been decided yet but he did request a small funeral, with his ashes the next day to be scattered on the river at one of his favourite photographic spots, and all to adjourn to the Crema for coffee and to celebrate this life and legacy.

Dennis Gay as at 2 Feb 2013

News of Dennis today is that he is hospitalised, confused and stroppy (tell me something I don’t know!) … having difficulty finding words, and recognising people. Staff are not sure whether or not they will be able to stabilise him. I know he would value the prayers and thoughts of his online friends.

UPDATE 9 Feb … Dennis has been discharged from hospital – I just spoke to his son Derek, who is acting as his carer. Dennis was sleeping, is a bit more comfortable, is eating tiny meals (progress) so it is a positive place at the moment!!! I asked Derek to pass on love from all the RB / DPF / FB crew.

It is getting to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Not only is the weather hotting up (well, in the southern hemisphere anyway!) but so are sales and awards.

Five t-shirts have winged their way to owners across the globe in the past few weeks, as well as a few cards. Thank you to the kind purchasers!

And two Bronze International Loupe awards arrived in my inbox this week for Landscapes … always excellent to have international feedback and comments, although I am still scratching my head over the variation in the three judges’ scores on each occasion. The same photograph can get a score varying from Bronze to Gold which then averages as Bronze – one wonders what they are looking for sometimes! On the other hand at least they DO get three opinions … imagine critiquing and assessing thousands of images (a few seconds …

Message from Dennis Gay to his friends

Dennis last night requested I let his RB and FB friends know, despite lack of online activity lately, he is still soldiering on …

This past weekend was ‘crunch time’ with a major decision regarding future treatment needing to be made. A tad daunting, even for the most stoic!

Withdrawing from chemo and cortisone has proven very challenging and debilitating. A visit to Dennis a couple of weeks ago found him tired, lacking in appetite, and still batting pain but as always, he was chuffed to be able to show off his new camera kit, and enjoying an occasional visit to The Crema with his mates when circumstances allow.

He is hoping to be able to post an update personally soon … please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We’ve printed a ‘book’ of RB jo…

RB Christmas Rumble (The Rocks, Sydney)

Wow time has flown!!! Need to get organised for this year’s Christmas get together (Rumble!) which will be …

When: Sunday 18 November
Where: The Rocks
Includes: lunch at a venue to be decided (suggestions welcome!!)

Last year we had a ball at Pioneer Village, Wilberforce (the set where Wild Boys was filmed)…

Please contact Philip Johnson or myself if you have any queries. An ‘event’ has been created on Facebook also where you can chat / ask questions / leave messages.

See you there!!!

Update Dennis Gay - #8

For those not on Facebook, here is Dennis’s latest news … please leave any comments here, and I will print and take them when next we visit (hopefully this coming weekend)…

UPDATE: Day149: Through the mincer.

Since my last Update I have been through a very rough time and all my resolve, grit and faith has been well and truly tested. I have not caved in yet but I have been weakened by the experience.

The first hurdle was to do with my diabetes. Despite reporting what I was going through to my GP and Oncologist twice, they dismissed it told me I would be alright. I e
nded up dragging my sorry self to my local chemist where I told my story to the resident pharmacolgist. The man is a genius and should be paid the same as my two doctors because he nailed the problem right away…

Wow - 2 Silver, 2 Bronze!

The Amateur Classic Landscape section of the Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2012 has now been judged, and I have two silvers, and two bronze awards. What a way to brighten up a cold, wet Saturday! This comp is judged by Peter Eastway, AIPP Grand Master of Photography , Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master of Photography, and David Oliver, AIPP Grand Master of Photography.

BTW – thanks to the lovely Samantha Goode for buying It’s the photographer, not the camera as a sticker for her trusty scooter!

Update Dennis Gay ~ #7

Dennis’s latest message – not the best on the health front! However the accommodation news continues to improve.

UPDATE: Day92 – Mixed news.

My blood PSA reading, (prostate cancer indicator), has now gone from 41 to 300 to 650 and the last bone scan shows more cancer sites in the long bones, hips, sternum and spine.
There is no trace of cancer in any of the major organs and THAT is a really good thing.

I am now off Chemo Therapy as it obviously is not doing what it was expected to do and now only require a four weekly injection of Zometa to strengthen the bones. Surprisingly I have no bone pain as yet and THAT is also a good thing.

As I am off the chemo and slowly weaning myself off the steroids, I will slowly rid myself of all those side effects …