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I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...


It is getting to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Not only is the weather hotting up (well, in the southern hemisphere anyway!) but so are sales and awards.…

Five t-shirts have winged their way to owners across the globe in the past few weeks, as well as a few cards. Thank you to the kind purchasers!

And two Bronze International Loupe awards arrived in my inbox this week for Landscapes … always excellent to have international feedback and comments, although I am still scratching my head over the variation in the three judges’ scores on each occasion. The same photograph can get a score varying from Bronze to Gold which then averages as Bronze – one wonders what they are looking for sometimes! On the other hand at least they DO get three opinions … imagine critiquing and assessing thousands of images (a few seconds for each, I believe) and

Message from Dennis Gay to his friends

Dennis last night requested I let his RB and FB friends know, despite lack of online activity lately, he is still soldiering on ……

This past weekend was ‘crunch time’ with a major decision regarding future treatment needing to be made. A tad daunting, even for the most stoic!

Withdrawing from chemo and cortisone has proven very challenging and debilitating. A visit to Dennis a couple of weeks ago found him tired, lacking in appetite, and still batting pain but as always, he was chuffed to be able to show off his new camera kit, and enjoying an occasional visit to The Crema with his mates when circumstances allow.

He is hoping to be able to post an update personally soon … please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We’ve printed a ‘book’ of RB journal comments for him to read when he’s f

RB Christmas Rumble (The Rocks, Sydney)

Wow time has flown!!! Need to get organised for this year’s Christmas get together (Rumble!) which will be …

When: Sunday 18 November
Where: The Rocks
Includes: lunch at a venue to be decided (suggestions welcome!!)

Last year we had a ball at Pioneer Village, Wilberforce (the set where Wild Boys was filmed)…

Please contact Philip Johnson or myself if you have any queries. An ‘event’ has been created on Facebook also where you can chat / ask questions / leave messages.

See you there!!!

Update Dennis Gay - #8

For those not on Facebook, here is Dennis’s latest news … please leave any comments here, and I will print and take them when next we visit (hopefully this coming weekend)……

UPDATE: Day149: Through the mincer.

Since my last Update I have been through a very rough time and all my resolve, grit and faith has been well and truly tested. I have not caved in yet but I have been weakened by the experience.

The first hurdle was to do with my diabetes. Despite reporting what I was going through to my GP and Oncologist twice, they dismissed it told me I would be alright. I e
nded up dragging my sorry self to my local chemist where I told my story to the resident pharmacolgist. The man is a genius and should be paid the same as my two doctors because he nailed the problem right away.

What had happene

Wow - 2 Silver, 2 Bronze!

The Amateur Classic Landscape section of the Better Photography Photograph of the Year 2012 has now been judged, and I have two silvers, and two bronze awards. What a way to brighten up a cold, wet Saturday! This comp is judged by Peter Eastway, AIPP Grand Master of Photography , Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master of Photography, and David Oliver, AIPP Grand Master of Photography.

BTW – thanks to the lovely Samantha Goode for buying It’s the photographer, not the camera as a sticker for her trusty scooter!

Update Dennis Gay ~ #7

Dennis’s latest message – not the best on the health front! However the accommodation news continues to improve.…

UPDATE: Day92 – Mixed news.

My blood PSA reading, (prostate cancer indicator), has now gone from 41 to 300 to 650 and the last bone scan shows more cancer sites in the long bones, hips, sternum and spine.
There is no trace of cancer in any of the major organs and THAT is a really good thing.

I am now off Chemo Therapy as it obviously is not doing what it was expected to do and now only require a four weekly injection of Zometa to strengthen the bones. Surprisingly I have no bone pain as yet and THAT is also a good thing.

As I am off the chemo and slowly weaning myself off the steroids, I will slowly rid myself of all those side effects and start feeling better

Update Dennis Gay ~ #6

Here’s another Facebook message from our good friend … all positive thoughts, prayers and comments appreciated!! Dennis had been off line for a while while moving house ……


Sorry to report that healthwise I am as flat as a tack. I knocked the pneumonia on the head but the whole experience including the chemo side effects as well as the stress of moving house has given me a hiding and I feel very weak in all departments. I am really not looking forward to my next chemo on Friday. But I can still laugh and I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics.

The removal itself was flawless. Loading the truck, driving across town and unloading took 4hr max. I must once again praise my son Michael for the fantastic job he did. Truly, if it were not for him the move just would n

Encouragement ...

Despite the seeming falloff in general activity on RedBubble since the latest changes, the past 10 days has seen an increase in sales, strangely enough!

Thanks to the two people who bought Sound Technician T Shirts (three if you count my brother!!)
And appreciation also to the four purchasers of various greeting cards!! Trust they meet your expectations.

This came at an appropriate time – really needed the encouragement. A few more sales and maybe I’ll be able to finance a Winebago for all these trips!! :)

Dennis Gay ... Update #5

Dennis had some great news recently, in that his housing needs have been addressed — a 2 bedroom abode near the beaches has been approved, and his son Michael is due to arrive and help him begin the packing this weekend.…

Sadly the fourth bout of chemo has bitten hard. Despite this, he is STILL giving me more than a run for my money with our online Scrabble games, and is maintaining his sense of humour. This is Dennis’s latest Facebook message …

UPDATE: Day68 – Not too good here at Update Central this time folks. It’s time for flack jackets and tin hats and down in the trenches.

The 4th Chemo Treatment has hit me very hard and I am having a tough time ofit this week. On top of the rotten side effects I picked up a heavy cold with blocked up sinuses and a deep chesty cough, which I have be

Dennis Gay ... update #4, with visuals!!

Again, for those not using Facebook, here is Dennis’s report following his latest chemo last Friday 29 June. I also added some shots taken while visiting the INPORTant bloke himself a week ago in glorious Port Macquarie. He really is travelling well considering, with inspiring resiliance and attitude. We had a ball, in ideal weather, visiting his favourite haunts … no slacking off … we were out till dusk every day (with visits to la Crèma and various eateries to keep the inner man/woman happy, of course!).

A mere reflection of the bloke himself!

I wasn’t sure how safe this position was at the Tacking Point Lighthouse, with the wind blowing at a howling pace! Note, the cap didn’t manage to stay on.

Who knows what he was chasing, in the bushes, at Lake Cathie!

He has a way with the birds, d

Dennis Gay ... Update No 3

For those who aren’t on Facebook, here again is an update posted by Dennis in the last few hours. I will be in Port Macquarie late this week and intend to check that he’s behaving himself!!

UPDATE: Day32 – Well folks I am now out the other end of five hellish up and down days. Yesterday and today have been like a breath of fresh air compared to the previous days. I did not have any of the reall nasty “knock me down ‘n’ kick me” type of side effects, I simply felt rotten and even more rotten on a couple of days than others. Very tired, hardly any sense of taste (what sense I had was plain weird) and at time very shaky.
I gritted my teeth, stuck out my chin and still had my day trip down to Forster for a presentation, got my self to the camera club that night after a one hour snoo

Blogging my rambles ...

I have started a blog here … hoping to be able to post an occasional photo and some ‘lightbulb’ moments while I do my tripping around, internet connection permitting. It is proving to be so therapeutic, clearing the mind and having no set-in-cement plans!

I don’t want to flood RB with journals and/or point of reference shots, but I do want to share what I find!!


Update on Dennis Gay

Dennis posted this to Facebook a day or so ago (I have been away)… He also asked me to include his thanks in the previous Journal…you’ll find it as the final bold paragraph here

If you’d like to speak to him privately feel free to BM your email address and I will pass it on … as he’s not feeling too special at the moment he may not be up to responding immediately, but there will no doubt be days when he’s feeling a tad better and will appreciate people to ‘talk’ to!!!

UPDATE: Hello folks. Just a quick visit. The chemo has hit me right from the start and I have been pretty sick since I woke up on Saturday morning. I’m getting my head around it and sorting things out so I can cope with Life, The Universe and Everything and just plodding on. My concentration level is shot so I will only be d

News re Dennis Gay

Many of us have known Dennis from the former DPF site (over a period of maybe 7 years or more) as well as RB and have benefited greatly from his legendary comments, advice, friendship … and sense of humour. He passed on some distressing news last night via a phone call, and today posted a message on Facebook ……

As he is no longer on RB, I have his permission to share the following … Any messages, I am happy to pass on …

My Mum died from secondary breast cancer in 2002. My best mate died from secondary brain cancer in 1998. My Grandad died from bowel cancer in 1970. I have two friends who are battling breast cancer. I start my chemo therapy on Friday. The prostate cancer has reached the bones. It is incureable and terminal. I have been given 1-5 years. All this after I survived renal cell

I'm not fickle ...

… well, not as a rule!…

As some will remember, after my faithful travelling companion was stolen I replaced him with a good looking, lightweight alternative.

Unfortunately good looks and fancy torque don’t cut the mustard when one gets into the rough!! After considering alternatives, I’ve relinquished him to a less demanding owner and taken on a solid, sure-footed beast who not only holds steady in tough conditions, but also hugs me with leather-clad arms, taking me places I’ve never been before. With him I’ll be not only be taking a pilgrimage, but creating new memories!!

The first of our adventures begins this weekend … if anyone will be attending Art Unlimited opening night this Friday out west, keep an eye out for us! If you live in the Dunedoo to Gilgandra area and would like to me

Stop press ... there's more!! Epson Panos

I had no idea the results from the Epson International Pano Awards came through in dribs and drabs, so after posting my shot of Gerroa Beach and news of the Bronze Award in the Open Nature category, I find ……

Gerroa Beach also received a Bronze in Amateur Nature

My rural scene, received a Bronze in Amateur Nature as well

AND The Hundred Acre Wood, also a Bronze in Amateur Nature

And to think panoramas were not a genre I have been terribly interested in … till now!

Thanks to all who encourage and help to keep the dream alive!!! Huge congrats to others who have received ‘gongs’ … well done!!

BY THE WAY – locals may be interested to know quite a few RedBubblers were contacted and invited to submit specific works to the AddOn Exhibition at Paddington this month - our images will be on display

Permanent Featured Artist ...

Many thanks to Deborah Zaragoza, host of The Group – Gallery of Art and Photography, for honouring me with Featured Artist of the Week and a permanent feature page here

I am a little taken aback, looking at the calibre of work that passes through this Group … RedBubble certainly showcases some amazing artists.

Thanks also to those who have purchased cards and a hoodie lately!!! All appreciated hugely…helps to keep the mojo active!


Bundanoon is Brigadoon Rumble ... cancelled

In case you missed Philip’s journal here, just a note that an executive decision has been made to postpone the rumble this Saturday to perhaps a bit later in the year (and make it a Southern Highlands Rumble instead) as the torrential rain has made conditions pretty uncomfortable (and driving dangerous).

Please read Philip’s entry for full details!

Royal Easter Show wins 2012

On behalf of some shy people who probably won’t wave their own flag, a few results from the Royal Easter Show for locals…

First in Portrait Section, my talented daughter Sarah with a photo of our photogenic Zoe (this being the second year in a row Zoe’s been the winning model, I am suggesting she start asking for modelling fees!) AND overall Champion with the same photo, as well as a FIRST in Environmental Landscape with her photo of Meg and Eli with the birdcages in Angel Place.

First in Open Section, Dianne English (will post a link when I find which image!) … along with two other awards

Second in Open Section, Ian English (again no news yet on which image) along, also, with another couple of awards.

If you know of more RB winners please add to the comments!

Huge congrats all …

New "RB Rumble Group" is active ...

For those who have been on a NSW RB Rumble, we now have a Group where we can share photos, run challenges (we still have three $40 vouchers to give away!!) here.

The group is by invite only so if you don’t receive an invitation in the next day or so, feel free to send a BM to myself or Philip Johnson … it is tricky trying to find people as the username is required, not your real name!

Once you have joined the group feel free to start adding a couple of images at a time (please don’t flood the front page!) with “red, bubble, rumble” in the tag line and details of which particular Rumble in the description.

Looking forward to the next Cockatoo Island meetup, with Brigadoon (Bundanoon) and Mt Wilson hot on its’ heels.

:+) Rosalie (and Philip … whose birthday it is today … 27 Mar !!!)

Thankyouberrymuch ...

Many thanks to wonderful people in RB-land who purchased the following recently …
Eight Off with the Pixels “Rumble” T shirts (great to see them around on our last meetup!)
One as above as a Hoodie …
One We Canon deny it … “Rumble” T shirt
One Rust n Roses #3 card
Three Girls Just Want to have Fun cards
Three Cootamundra Morning cards
…. and today, one Grieg Piano Concerto card.

Profuse thanks to those who encourage and validate by purchasing items… it sure does brighten up a day to see the “You’ve made a sale on RedBubble” notification!!

Love y’all

You can't take her anywhere!!

The rain FINALLY held off for a few hours on the Saturday morning of our Junee RB Rumble and we were able to dash out to do some farm photography. One of the first items we spotted was a wonderful old tyre swing ……

Di was so excited, she just HAD to hop on … .

… and escape to childhood once more …

… in more ways than one!!!

Shame the rain filled the tyre with water – but on the plus side, it was so windy her pants did dry out without too many people noticing her embarrassing condition!!

Thanks Di for providing us with another Rumbling good laugh!!!

For those who missed Bev Woodman’s account of the two Phils’ Lamington challenge, click here it was cheek-achingly hilarious.

More Rumbles coming up – Cockatoo Island over Easter, Mt Wilson later April, Bundanoon is Brigadoon 21st April, and G

Junee Rumblers - prizes and other info

Just a quick note (a fun journal with pics will follow when we gather all the incriminating evidence!!!) to let you know ……

1. Philip has applied for a new Rumble Group so we can all associate and share info more easily … as well as conduct challenges etc. Will keep you posted!!!

2. Please email me ( a few decent journalistic type pics from Monte Cristo (ie not overly manipulated or processed) that the Ryans can use in promotions for the old house. This is by way of a “thank you” for them opening early for us, and at a highly reduced cost. I am sure you will agree they were extremely welcoming, evening taking down the protective ropes from the displays and rooms so we could shoot more easily.

3. Please TAG any photos you put up from the Rumble with junee red bub

And so the coundown begins ... Junee RB Rumble

This is particularly for those who aren’t on our email list (the info was just emailed to those in our system) who are attending the March Rhythm n Rail Festival … we’ve tried to cover everything in the one document instead of sending many short messages, so if you could save and print this out for reference, it would be great!
NB A couple of RSVPs are necessary – the special access to Monte Cristo homestead, and private farm visits. See below.
*Photo comp has great (money!) prizes *… the link is also below…

OK … bring it on!!!

How to get sidetracked at the Rhythm ‘n Rail Festival/Rumble!!
JUNEE ~ 2 – 4 March 2012

With the Rumble countdown now underway (woohoo!), it is time to confirm details and keep each other in the loop regarding events and expectations. It may be a good idea to print th

SALES - thank you

Many thanks to the lovely people who purchased a photographic print of Three in a Row today, and a card of Silent Night yesterday.

Early this week, I also was contacted via my Bubblesite for rights to use Primeval Forest in a series of corporate calendars. The Bubblesite function of RB has been very kind to me – a great way for people to find and view our work.

Thank you to all who view, support and comment – helping to keep the mojo working!!!

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