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I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...


I have been remiss ...

The wonderful John Conway just posted a journal reminding us of the “highest compliment” people pay by purchasing our work … and by taking time to visit, comment and favourite.…

I must confess to being most appreciative of many card sales over the past few months, but failing to publicly thank those anonymous encouragers who have chosen my images. The latest set of eight cards sold yesterday was fascinating … someone must have a foot fetish!! All of them feature shoes or legs/feet. How fascinating! I would love to know how these are going to be used. :+) So thank you to all who have purchased, who have encouraged, who have offered suggestions and those who have complimented… all hugely appreciated.

Also, over the past few months, I have entered a couple of country competitions (and also e

News and Claire's service ...

I received a phone call from Claire’s friend this evening – she ensured that Claire’s sons saw your comments on my previous journal and said they were moved, and amazed. They had no idea (similar to the response we had to YellowJacket’s passing) that she had this warm and supportive ‘family’ online … while they appreciated her passion for photography, the extent of it wasn’t really understood. So thank you for your heartfelt responses! I will still be sending the comments via email as they wish to print them out.

For anyone in WA who’d like to attend Claire’s service, details are …
Wednesday 3 November at Burslowe Funeral Chapel
Cnr Wanneroo Rd and Buckingham Drive
Wangara (Perth … WA)

Sad news . . .

Recently I posted a journal relating to our DPF and RB ‘family member’, Claire Farley who has been battling cancer for most of this year.
Sadly, 9.30am today (28 Oct 2010) in Perth (Western Australia) she lost the battle. Her youngest son was with her. Please keep her sons in your thoughts and prayers as they cope with the loss of their mum at such a young age. Not something anyone was really prepared for.
Claire was cheeky and positive to the end. Fortumately she was able to have her wish granted – that she not die in Perth Hospital. Her last couple of days were spent at Bethesda – a beautiful palliative care home.
Funeral arrangements aren’t known yet but I’ve been asked to relay messages so they can be passed on as comfort for the boys so please leave comments and thoughts here. Presumabl…

Here's a sneak peek ...

Some time ago I’d set myself the task of producing candid portraits of all the residents in the area of the Retirement Village where dad had lived … so far I’ve snapped over 100 of them and processed 62 – with still more to come. Thought I’d share a couple of my favourites with you. I have permission to use these two images in competitions…they both are quite chuffed at the thought that their faces may win awards!!…

Patrick had just nodded off while playing Bingo, and I’d given him a gentle wake-up call … I love the unguarded moment caught (so does his daughter!!).

Stephen has the most photogenic face! He was also involved in the Bingo game … would you believe this fellow will be 90 years young next January, speaks many languages, and is as sharp as a tack. Hoping I can learn his secret

Help! Processing dark skin ...

Has anyone tips on processing really dark skin tones? My project is the production of portraits of at least 100 residents in a local retirement village. One of my biggest challenges is getting those with very dark skins (Asian, Indian etc) to look natural. There is such severe contrast, and sometimes a very persistent orange hue … any suggestions would be most welcome!

Claire Farley - news

Some RedBubblers (and Former DPF Members) have been aware that this year Claire Farley has been bravely fighting liver cancer which unfortunately is aggressive and, despite treatment, holding the winning hand. Through it all Claire has been so positive and proactive.…

In the past week or so she flew back to Perth to be near her sons and, although she was hoping to avoid it, she is now in hospital…discharge not looking hopeful at all. Thankfully they have her pain under control, and mentally she’s expressing her usual “glass half full” cheerfulness.

I have her permission to now let her online ‘family’ know. While she is allowed to use her laptop in hospital, the effort to do so if mostly beyond her so she may not see Bubblemails or emails.

With this in mind could I suggest a couple of thing

Forget your pretty, perfect models ...

It is always a challenge to find a key to the “lost mojo”dilemma … when creativity disappears and nothing seems to gel.

After a few months of producing images which I’ve relegated to the “Pfffffft – that’s pretty ordinary” file, I decided to get over myself. I went out and found myself nigh on 200 candidates for portraits who have florid, veined, blotchy skin tone, dandruff on the shoulders, a bruise across the nose (common … ? from their glasses?), stained teeth, drool on the chin, crumbs around the mouth … and am having an absolute ball!

With the first anniversary of dad’s death coming up, and as he was so well known in his Village for his photography, I offered to do portraits of all residents in his building for them to give to their rellies for Christmas as a surprise.

What fun! The

The quiet achiever - NSW Plein Air Parliamentary Landscape Photography Comp

Don’t you just love a feel-good story?!!…

Among the finalists for this highly prestigious competition is our very own Jeff Stockton with one of his beautiful waterfall shots. Can you imagine the thrill of being chosen from hundreds of entries, and seeing your work hanging on State Parliament walls? Please pop on over and congratulate him!! The finalists’ exhibition will hang for a futher two weeks – the public are invited to view it, Mon to Fri, 9am till 4pm. Unfortunately the House is not open on weekends. (Yes you are allowed to photograph in the exhibition area!)

I was privileged last night to join Jeff at the cocktail evening at Parliament House, where the winners were announced. Three worthy photographers are now recipients of $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000 (as well as another receiving

Vintage vehicle buffs - Sydney

If you love anything vintage on wheels, you’ll be in your element at these two events ……

Shannons Eastern Creek Classic 2010
21st & 22nd August at Eastern Creek raceway.
The largest gathering of classic vehicles in N.S.W.
Saturday: Free entry & parking. This appears to be a trade day but also has a CSCA Supersprint Circuit Event from 10:00am- a chance to get some photos of the old classics racing.
Sunday: Entry $15
1700 club members vehicles on display and on parade
Vintage double decker bus rides around the track
Vintage military vehicles, trucks & motorbikes
Historic racing car display & demonstration runs
See more on their website

All British Day at Kings School
Sunday 29th August.
Kings School, Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta
All British Day is a gathering of almost every known past & present

Aviation buffs ... worth knowing about!

Temora, in the Riverina ara of NSW (Australia) is the home of a wonderful Aviation Museum. Only 5 hrs drive from Sydney it is the ideal spot for a weekend of great photography and country ambience. 17th July (this Saturday) will feature flying by vintage jet fighters – both Meteor and RAAF Sabre (as well as Cessna A-37 and Dragonfly). In the Engineering Hangar, turbine engine specialist David Finch will show the inner workings of a jet engine and will be delighted to answer any questions.…

The museum opens 10am … the Mess Hall will be open for food and drinks, and CanAssist (supporting cancer patients and families) will operate a BBQ.

Saturday is forcast as clear and cool (13 degrees) – if you need accommodation, the Visitor Info centre can help 02 6977 1511 … if Temora ends up booked out,

CS5 Ripoff?

Have been researching the cost of Adobe CS5 (especially as my latest camera’s RAW files can’t be processed in CS3 – one needs to either upgrade Photoshop, or download yet another piece of software which converts the image into a suitable format … pffft … someone’s playing silly games I fear).

Dismayed at price differences, I began poking around looking for reasons why the US can sell full CS5 for around $US200 and we have to pay well over $A1000 … I came across Adobe’s official explanation … have a go at this – wonder if Julia needs a helper in Parliament – the bloke would make a great politician. Am ready to boycott Adobe and try another package!

I feel so honoured ...

The second issue of Discover Australia Travel eMagazine has just been released, and I am honoured to have had my image of charred paddocks and old windmill (along with its narrative) Our Australian Summer chosen for publication. Huge thanks to the Editors and all concerned, not only for the inclusion, but for the massive effort that goes into creating a 31 page publication of this calibre.

I’ve also been delighted to have a couple of sales this week – 2 greeting cards of Vintage Pink , and one t-shirt which says “I am a photographer, what’s your excuse?” (a regular seller, this one!). Thank you to the anonymous purchasers – a wonderful encouragement.

How dumb do they think we are ...

An email from “FedEx” this morning as follows …

Good Day

We have your ATM Visa Card Parcel containing the sum of $1,000,000.00 USD and
its right here in our office. Do Contact us with your full name and address
and Telephone Number only.Regards, Mr. Jerry Bernard. Note: Delivery Fee
=$175 only.
This mail is scanned by Ironport

It's been a great week!

Thanks to Elana for her immediate purchase of My mum got a new camera but all I got was a lousy t-shirt… baby’s tee (must be the quickest sale on record!!) and a card of Midas Touch today … I’m still coming down to earth!

Yesterday The Pram was featured on Home Page (thank you Fourthangel!!) and there were some challenge and feature honours as well.

Good stuff seems to come in bunches! Thanks all for your support and encouragement.

Banners, bling, and beating the drum ...

There’s much discussion on RB at the moment re the use of banners in comments, blingy gif (animated) replies, and various cute ‘imports’ to jazz up people’s responses.…

While I find some banners nothing more than blatent advertising for a group, some hosts do insert tasteful ones, and there are occasions when winning a challenge or receiving Home Page honour is nice to have noted, especially if you haven’t stumbled on that info yourself.

Just this week however I received notice from a fellow RB member that he was unable to access some of my work – a malware notice kept coming up. After discussing this with RB, we find that there’s high likihood that the glitch is caused by – no prizes for guessing – some of these extraneous ‘fun’ images that get posted in our comments area. The malware war


Over the past six weeks I’ve been blown away by some wonderful sales – only a couple of buyers have identified themselves, the rest have remained anonymous. For this reason I would really like to express my thanks, and trust the anonymous buyers see the message!

1 Card The Pram ~ Monte Cristo
1 Card Poscard from the Past No 3
2 T shirts “I’m a photographer … what’s your excuse?”
1 T shirt “Photography is a hobby, not a criminal offence” (woohoo – one of the first with print on the back!!)
1 Laminated print of Romeo and Juliet No 3
1 Laminated print of A Good Night In …

There is no greater compliment, or validation, than to know someone is willing to part with hard earned cash to buy your work … I am deeply honoured!

Photographers' rights in Australia

It is good that high profile photographers like Ken Duncan are making waves (he’s especially unhappy that we can’t photograph ‘Australia’ and promote it through our art, but overseas photographers can snap away, return home, and sell the images at will!) … he’s encouraging Australians to attend the meetup/protest (complete with tripods and large lenses!) in Sydney on 29th August and also says " If you care about your rights as a photographer, please join our Arts Freedom Australia page here. Help fight the increasing amount of red tape which is stifling photographers and other image makers from doing what we love."

With this type of backing, we may at last be heard!

Former DPF Friends

Please pop over to the Group and have a look at the May Challenge which is open for the next six days – RB is giving a $20 voucher as a prize so please make this worthwhile! We need an image that represents May (Spring in the northern hemisphere, Autumn in the southern, or a Mothers Day image) …

There is a Group message, but not sure that everyone gets to read them!!

Enjoy your weekend – I am off to our Scottish gathering here in the Highlands … mist and bagpipes always go down well with me, it must be in my blood!!

NATFLY - National Fly-in - Easter weekend at Temora

They were a tad late sending out the notification!!! Temora (Riverina area of NSW Australia),is hosting a NATIONAL FLY IN of recreational aircraft over Easter … what a show that will be! Details below … AND the usual Temora Aviaition Museum Flying Weekend will be April 10 and 11. So there are two opportunities for plane buffs and those who would like some fantastic photo opportunities.

Here’s the promo I received just this afternoon (Good Friday eve!) …

Beautiful weather is on the forecast for Temora this weekend. Temperatures will be mild in the mid 20’s with a light breeze which means that the conditions are perfect for recreational flying activity.

Aircraft and exhibitors started arriving in Temora last Tuesday and at the time of writing this newsletter there are already more than 150

It must be Christmas?!!

While sales were quiet over Christmas, in the past couple of weeks I have been blown away by the sale of
1 x T Shirt
1 x Large Canvas Print
1 x Calendar (Thank you Tai!)
8 x Cards (thanks to Zoe’s piano teacher!)

Many thanks to the purchasers who have, in my humble opinion, shown wonderful taste!! I trust you enjoy your purchases.



Frugal Photography tips ...

Some of you are familiar with the plastic storage tub “Lightbox” that I use quite effectively instead of a purpose-built version … along the same money-saving lines this week I found Repco had on special a wonderful LED Inspection Lamp (mine is rechargable and $70 reduced from $130 – there is also a battery one $10 reduced from $17 !!) – IDEAL for adding to the lighting tools in my camera bag! (Thanks to Gail’s hubby Dougie for the idea to go suss this out).

Angled on the darker area of a subject, it gives a beautiful diffuse light, or through my opaque “Lightbox”, a super soft effect. My version has a clip on the back, the cheaper one a hook, so they can be suspended.

We don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to get fancy results!

Love it, love it, love it !!!

Received a newsletter from fotoLibra stock site today … final para was a little tale Jacqui tells against herself – don’t you just LOVE the point her guest made …

We had some friends for supper the other night, and my friend Shân bought along her new husband Huw who was a photographer. Knowing that I do this for fotoLibra, he bought along some of his photographs. I looked at them, warning him that I couldn’t and wouldn’t make a professional judgement, so I simply said “They’re very good. What make of camera do you use?”

Later as they were leaving, Huw said “Thank you Jacqui, that was a delicious meal. What make of oven do you use?”


Sydneysiders - Goulburn area shoot?

If you are interested in photographing some old rural buildings in the Goulburn area during March, and enjoying some good RB networking, send a BM to Brett Keith … we are looking to perhaps zip up the highway one weekend soon and take in an unused falling-down church and a few other deserted buildings. Brett does have a few seats available in his vehicle if anyone needs a ride …

Whoops, a PS to the Thanks ...

… I have to say also that there are some discerning buyers locally who have bought my canvases, wall art, and cards in a consistent trickle at Sarah’s Red Door Creative Gallery. It pays to take a deep breath and try hanging your work!

We realise that the Gallery is situated in a more ‘well heeled’ area, and that there are only really ‘newsagent quality’ cards available in the surrounding area. It seems there could be a market for ‘boutique’ cards! (Now we just need enough volunteers to keep the gallery open so the customers won’t be disappointed!!!). Sarah is now looking at making cards a permanent feature.

Many, Many Thanks ...

I have been a little slack – over the past few months quite a few of my cards have sold, and three different people have purchased my Photographer Tee – the latest just 10 minutes ago … must be topical at the moment! All buyers have chosen to remain anonymous – so this is a public THANK YOU, seeing I am unable to respond personally.…

Thank you also for bearing with my latest Kelly marathon – it turned into a work of love … I have now taken out library books on the Kelly family and plan to get back to the area and do some more extensive poking around for less touristy angles on this fascinating family. I don’t wish to make a profit on the resulting calendar so you will find it listed at COST PRICE … if it takes your fancy, be assured you won’t be paying any markup. I will be away over the w

A journey, of sorts!

The past few weeks have been a tad challenging – triggering an interesting chain of events was the disappearance of my Subaru from the local large shopping centre. Long story short – the insurance company was brilliant and paid up in 14 days, by which time I’d agreed to fly to Melbourne and buy my brother’s lovely Mazda 3 MAXX (doing a 1000km photographic road trip on the return journey …. what an opportunity!!).
On the 17th day following the car’s disappearance the police gave me a nice 6am wakeup call to say the Subaru had been found – in the big shopping centre carpark!!! Firstly, once insurance has been paid, the car belongs to the insurance company. Secondly, despite the amusement of the constabulary, neither the security guards at the shopping centre nor I can understand how it coul…

Glitch in linking to Facebook

Since putting up my Test pic, trying unsuccessfull to use the new link to FB, I’ve had a lot of messages from people with the same problem.

Peter had suggested I turn off my antivirus software – which didn’t seem to help (still had the ‘error on page’ message) … he now advises “There has been a problem with IE6 and IE7 – we’ve fixed the problem with IE7 – can you try again”

Still no joy. If anyone finds a way around the problem, please let me know!!

I’ll try linking and uploading again tomorrow and see if there’s any progress. I’m running Vista and IE on my laptop (with Norton antivirus) … on my PC, XP with IE and CA antivirus software.


After some gnashing of teeth, and consideration of all the advice I’ve been given re the D80, I think yesterday saw some progress!! Firstly I took it with the prime 50mm f1.4 lens and tripod to Fagan Park and, manual in hand (if nothing else flapping the manual around persuaded the four hovering Rangers that was I not a big bad professional looking to capitalise on the Park’s beauty!!!), tried various modes and settings. Got some half decent shots of the wooden hut and waterlily pond, mostly using Program and Manual settings.…

Then my grandkids cooperated by playing on the waterslide in the backyard, which meant I could try the prime lens again with continuous shooting and various modes. I bought the camera specifically so I could take portraits and action shots a bit easier, and I think t

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