Rosalie Dale

Stockinbingal, Australia

I suffer from viewfinder vision (find myself visualising a frame around everything I see) so my genre is “anything that moves and...

It is getting to feel a lot like Christmas ...

Not only is the weather hotting up (well, in the southern hemisphere anyway!) but so are sales and awards.

Five t-shirts have winged their way to owners across the globe in the past few weeks, as well as a few cards. Thank you to the kind purchasers!

And two Bronze International Loupe awards arrived in my inbox this week for Landscapes … always excellent to have international feedback and comments, although I am still scratching my head over the variation in the three judges’ scores on each occasion. The same photograph can get a score varying from Bronze to Gold which then averages as Bronze – one wonders what they are looking for sometimes! On the other hand at least they DO get three opinions … imagine critiquing and assessing thousands of images (a few seconds for each, I believe) and keeping the ‘eye’ honed for each one!

Congrats to the many other RedBubblers who also received amazing results in the Loupe Internationals!

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