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UPDATE: Day149: Through the mincer.

Since my last Update I have been through a very rough time and all my resolve, grit and faith has been well and truly tested. I have not caved in yet but I have been weakened by the experience.

The first hurdle was to do with my diabetes. Despite reporting what I was going through to my GP and Oncologist twice, they dismissed it told me I would be alright. I e
nded up dragging my sorry self to my local chemist where I told my story to the resident pharmacolgist. The man is a genius and should be paid the same as my two doctors because he nailed the problem right away.

What had happened was that having lost 19Kg in 22 weeks, I was now overdosing on my diabetes medication and it was having the reverse effect. I had no appetitie at all and could hardly eat a thing. An apple one day and a pear the next was all I could stomach. I have a camera club friend who is a highly qualified pharmacologist who agreed with the diagnosis and told me to drop my Diabex dosage from 3 to 2 each evening. Since then my blood sugar level has been well within range.

I still don’t have an appetitie but I am making myself eat three small meals a day with the additional nutrition from a daily ingestion of Sustagen.

The second hurdle to overcome was an increasing intensity, frequency and longevity of the pain I was getting in my lower back and left hip. This became debilitating and was the reason I could not be on line as I could not sit in front of the computer for more than a minute or two. The pain was so intense it over rode all the pain killer medication I was taking. consequently I was in a very miserable place.

My Oncologist now has me on liquid morphine (1ml/4hr) as well as Panamax (two tablets/4hr). This has the pain well under control for now.

I have also been referred to the cancer clinic’s radiology department. They will eventually give me localised high doses of gamma radiation to kill the cancer cells in the high pain areas. This treatment is really only a stop-gap as more and more high pain areas will develop over time.

My PSA – prostate cancer indicator – is now 1290, up from 650 in one month and the blood tests now indicate evidence of bone disease.

The one good thing to come from my last visit to the cancer clinic was that the Dietician was very happy about what I was eating and even said that it would be quite alright for me to lose more weight. At least I made someone happy. 8-)

My Acceptance is solid, my Faith is unshakeable and my love of Life has not changed. What I have to do now is rethink a lot of things so I can do as much as I can while I can, especially with my photography.

No way could I handle what I am goning through nor be able to enjoy this time of my life without all the incredible support, well wishes, prayers and love ‘n’ light from my family, Port friends and all of you wonderful FB friends. You are all in my prayers.

Life is still good.
GB you all.

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