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Dennis Gay ... Update #5

Dennis had some great news recently, in that his housing needs have been addressed — a 2 bedroom abode near the beaches has been approved, and his son Michael is due to arrive and help him begin the packing this weekend.

Sadly the fourth bout of chemo has bitten hard. Despite this, he is STILL giving me more than a run for my money with our online Scrabble games, and is maintaining his sense of humour. This is Dennis’s latest Facebook message …

UPDATE: Day68 – Not too good here at Update Central this time folks. It’s time for flack jackets and tin hats and down in the trenches.

The 4th Chemo Treatment has hit me very hard and I am having a tough time ofit this week. On top of the rotten side effects I picked up a heavy cold with blocked up sinuses and a deep chesty cough, which I have been told is not a good thing for me during chemo.

I was going to keep the rest of the news quiet but as I have been up front with everything so far, I have to be honest, so here goes. I also had disturbing news from the Oncologist that my PSA Count, (Prostate Cancer Indicator) has jumped from 41 to 300 in six weeks! The rest of the chemo may cause this to drop so I am keeping everything crossed until the next test.

I am so grateful for all the incredible support, well wishes, prayers and love ‘n’ light from my family, Port friends and all of you wonderful FB friends. You are all in my prayers.

Life is still good.
GB you all.

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