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Dennis Gay ... Update No 3

For those who aren’t on Facebook, here again is an update posted by Dennis in the last few hours. I will be in Port Macquarie late this week and intend to check that he’s behaving himself!!

UPDATE: Day32 – Well folks I am now out the other end of five hellish up and down days. Yesterday and today have been like a breath of fresh air compared to the previous days. I did not have any of the reall nasty “knock me down ‘n’ kick me” type of side effects, I simply felt rotten and even more rotten on a couple of days than others. Very tired, hardly any sense of taste (what sense I had was plain weird) and at time very shaky.
I gritted my teeth, stuck out my chin and still had my day trip down to Forster for a presentation, got my self to the camera club that night after a one hour snooze, made it to the Crema on Wednesday, made it to a friend’s place for morning tea and then to the Crèma again on Thursday, had my two worse days at home on Friday and Saturday and then feeling a lot better made it to my Sunday Crèma a lunch session with my mates on Sunday. I am buggered if I am going to let this chemo keep me down!
Today I felt even better and attended a meeting with social workers and housing people to sort out my options for a new place to live. The meeting went very well and have a lot of confidence in these people and what they will achieve.
So there ya have it. I’m over the hump with my second cemo session and will be on an upward curve until they hit me again on the 29th. God only knows how that one will effect me but I do know I cam handle it and I handle it even better with the knowledge I have all your enco0uragement, support, prayers, well wishes, love and light and for that I thank you all deeply and sincerely.
Life is good.

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