My Friend, Alejandro Jodorowsky

*It happened one day. As all things. It is not that it had not existed before. Not at all!.
But Life emerges when the Consciousness is awakened, and it does it in a sudden.
Th0ugh it may not be beleived, never the human being is more conscious than when the Ying (ovule) is joined to the Yang (espermatozoo) and a " Big Bang" explodes. A microcosmos is originated and extended from the Infinity to the Infinity, and watching from here, in the warmest and clearest corner of the mother’s uterus.
And then…there he was… disguised as a cathodic screen, it was how I discovered my friend Alejandro Jodorowsky, and… what it was that did dragged me to him? First of all the night’s relaxing mood. When there is no demands from the outside and all the working day’s labors are done, you undress from allt he physical and mental wrappings and everything that penetrates into the consciouness is fresh. It is received with great intensity, and if what is coming into, peeps in the hollow that all Soul wishes to fill, it goes as a bolt, trying to “take land” into the mountain.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a revolutionary of the creativity. His vital trayectory shows a cultivated man, passionate for Man and his development. He transluces a new strength, as if he would be a teenage full of impetuous dreams, and a point of imprudence, but at the same time he is a real “old” man, with that matureness that sometimes the children show, when their personalities have not been carved by the necessary socialization, destined to strengthen the convivence.
It is the benevolent wisdom, soft as water, though powerful, that the wise men of the taoist stories tell.
Along his whole life, he has expressed himself in an iconoclast way… even to the limit. Transgressing the aesthetical habits, experimenting the absurd, driven to what he calls “the poetic act”, but nourishing with his art one expression that is emanating from love and faith in Life and not hopelesness and confussion.

All this experience is not just exposed in his books but in his films, theatre plays, cinema scripts, comics, already legendaries, transcending all the cultural ready-reckoners of the Judaism, Christianism, Hinduism, and all the “isms” that have encased the Man experience in uniformed sects.

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a poet. A thaumaturgus. A mystic. An iniciator tarologist of the magic applied to Life and besides is not just an extraordinary person…. special… but a soul full of charm, magnetism, beauty and above all, the living reflection of what one is yearning to feel… that is… being perceived as an ageless human being, without a determined sex and without atachtment to old fashioned customs and rituals. With a great sense of the creativity.

He is a boundless personality, good hearted and watcher of the beings development. He is an “emanation” of vital plethora and animic profundity with an exhuberant delicateness, as if he would be an enormous timid and multicolored butterfly, though prideful and spectacular. A wise man that “knows” and is not boasting about it. A man that is “father” and “mother”, generous, being able to be "father of his children and "son " of his children, for the cycles of Love are like that. And in his case, all this spectacular vision emanates from an animic vacuity, for this is where only and truly the consciousness is being born. The result is a well-being and a sense of abundance, and the well-being is a source of creativity and force.

Someone may think that all this is a sort of story produced by my own wish of creating an imaginary narration regarding another person. Something like the stories one fancies about a neighbour next door, when ritualistically is being seen looking out of a window at determined hours of the day. And you see him coming out… and getting into the house. And you meet him in the supermarket or the drugstore. You observe how is cyclically visited by relatives in special dates. And you could even spy what sort of T.V. programms he is watching and at what time. How he is dressing and how does he take care of a pet. And you imagine. But this man does not show himself off. He does not contact with you, neither is his will to produce any personal meeting. Turned into a landscape that you know but it does not say anything and to whom you are talking with your presence.
No… Alejandro does not make me feel like that. He shows himself off, and invites you and answers. In his fashion …promoting himself to the ones that are loving his promotion. Yes… you see him in the media doing it…in special when one of his books is coming out. And I feel delighted for that. For each new book is a festival. And has the right to live on it…he does not cheat anyone… I know that I am going to love what he has written.

To “sell” the product of our work is not a demerit.
I remember once…..I was giving some Shiatsu courses and a nun came to participate. I was kind of embarrashed for having to tell her the fee of the courses, for the community had to had to pay for them…
She reacted with merryment and told me…“oh… do not worry Rosa , que de cintura para abajo… todo el mundo vive de su trabajo, which means… that from waist to down everyone lives on one’s work”. So is promotion… legal and natural. What Alejandro is giving to his family, friends or readers is so huge that what you pay is nothing…and he always shows himself so adorable and useful that I would love him to promote new books all the years.

The idea of introducing Alejandro Jodorowky in the Tarology’s section is for giving honor to a revolutionary of this science, that with Carl Jung have situated the Tarot, his symbolism and application, outside of the marketing circuits of the cartomancy and have enlightened in a real new way, the interpretation of those symbols, as old and Man himself.
That what is or can be considered as “esoteric” would stop being that for turning into “exoteric”.

So much Alejandro as C. Jung, have taught us, that we are the ones that have created the symbols, in order to get to the soul and the consciousness of what is enormously difficult to explain with words, because the words are driving for some pathways of chained thoughts that are separating us from the real experience. The words, the naming of a thing, like “table” is not the thing in itself. The map of the territory is not the territory itself. The image of Man is not Man. The greatness of God, Tao, Allah, Brahma is indescriptible and nameless.

But we give them a name.

The Tarot symbolizes the stated of the Soul. His evolutive pathway , that is goes from the cahotic and creative force of everthing that is… to the World’s complection .
From an individual microcosmos to an eternallly intellectual, affective, material and creative macrocosmos.

And the Dance… goes on.

Rosa Cobos*

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2009 . All rights reserved

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My Friend, Alejandro Jodorowsky


Bilbao, Spain

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This for showing why do I love this artist. And explain why I do not need to meet face to face anyone to love his Soul. Can you fancy that?….Yes I know.
Tarot is one of his creative realms…but there is much more. You are invited to find out… to discover….and I can assure…that you will be amazed and tremendously enjoyed.

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