Tarot: Vital Code and Archetypal Journey

*For enterprising my own deepening and study I make use of the Tarot of Marseille, restaured by Philippe Camoins (direct descendent of the Marseille’s family that has been printing the Tarot of Nicolas Conver (1760) and Alejandro Jodorowski, the promotor of such restauration.

The origins of Tarot are historically found about the year 1000, when in the south of France and Spain was given a spiritual and creative spiritual multiculture, and there was a living together of mosques, synagogues and catholic temples, creatiing a magma of protection and impulsing of all the spiritual treasures of such religions. If we stop to observe the cards, we will realize that, in spite of the predominant christian background of the symbology, you can see in them, a great amount of cabalistic details, and islamic aesthetic structures that are sustaining such a theory.
In those times of strong political and religious agitation, the spiritual wise men, seeing the decadence in which the society was being drown by power and spiritual corruption, tried to protect all the inner animic and mysterious richness.
And then, subreptitiously, designed an apparent “play” , where they could represent these hidden treasures to the daily looks and that is why that each card receives the name of “arcane”, that even today, to our ears is sounding awesome and cryptic.

The Tarot of Marseille is composed of 78 cards that we call “Arcanes”. This name is deriving from the latin word “arcanunm”, that means “secret”.

The “arcanes” are divided in two main groups: 22 “Mayor Arcanes” and 56 “Minor Arcanes”.
All the “arcanes” of the Tarot od Marseille are contained into a rectangle which proportions are that of a “double-square”.

“The “Mayor Arcanes” are numerated from the I to the XXI in roman numerology. With the exception of The Fool card to which it has been asigned the sumber 0.
The "Mayor Acanes· are the representation of the “archetypes” that are autonomous instinctive forms that are operating in the human psyche’s profoundities (Carl. G. Jung) The “archetypes” are working in the psyche in the same way that the instincts are working in the physical body.

The Minor Arcanes let us examine, more daily and personal aspects in the intelectual, emotional, material-bodily and sexual-creative planes. The two ways, the universal human process and the personal one are iniciatic and complementary.
The “Minor Arcanes” are 54 that are also divided into four suits of 10 cards, that are the Swords, Cups, Coins and Wands, associated to the four basical functins of the human development. Intelectual, emotional, material and creative-sexual)
These "suits are numerated from 1 to 10 and their numerology corresponds to the interpretation of the power or expression of the function to which is associated. Besides, we have another four series of 4 cards that correspond to the Royalty Figures, which category correspond to the way in which the human being is expressing his qualities that are going from the most intimate profodundity to the wholeness.
These figures are the Pages, Queens, Kings and Knights., and all of these are too associated to the corresponding suit.

Seeing all this, we will get that, the Swords, including their figures, are associated to the intelectual plane. The Cups to the amotional-affective. The Coins to the Material-Body and the Wands to the the Creative-Sexual.

Archetypal Journey

And now… we are going to unfold the “Cosmic Narration” of the time to come. We will “create” and evolutive story in which the “Mayor Arcanes” will write the script as if it would the a play’s structure, destined to be changed and mutated in a thousand of forms, each one of them, expressed at a determined moment of the consult about feelings or activity. A window that will show a landscape and will orientate the pathway to follow. Without limits o directions, space or possibilities. And so then, we will learn that Life is not a lineal road where each thing is fitting into a fixed scheme but a chance for re-creating our own idiosyncrasy and animic baggage of the infinite possibilites of experiences, all ot them driven to express and become what we already are… “The Cosmic Man”

0 “The Fool”

I have just started the “journey” and I am containing the whole potency, powerful and innate, without any particular direction. I can reach the illumination or get lost into madness, for I am the Essential Energy. As any primordial force, and I am chaos and norm’s absence. I am absent of bonds but wishing to create them as a new born being. Full freedom and an unmeasurable liberating spirit. I am “infecting” strength and liberty. When I look to this smily and eternal jester…I am walking toward my soul’s evolution. Who is controlling this force?

I “The Magician” – II “The Papise” – III “The Empress”

I – “The Magicien” . The divine force has given me all the vital tools. I can create from the Spirit all the possible worlds. When I look into the Magicien I can feel that my capacities are overflowing until a point that I can not know how to manage them. I am like a new born baby that is modelling the environ with his hands and costruing his world through all his senses.

II – “The Papise”. There is so much spiritual power accumulated in me that I feel the need por protecting. I develp an intelect and spirituality to the maximum but I do not express it. I am guarding and isolating myself because there is inside, a virginity that is refraining me from acting. I am gestating a new emotional being. It should be highly spiritual and inteleftual for I do not feel the emergency of manifesting it in a physical way .I have not discovered the sexuality.

III “The Empress” . Now… I have sprouted… like a vivacious spring…Pure. Plentiful of exhuberancy and capacity for reproducing myself. Seductive adolescence’s richness, fecund and abundant. “Viriditas” in expression. I manifest in the male… the feminine ideal… his “anima”.

IIII “The Emperor” – V “The Pope” – VI “The Lover”

IIII “The Emperor” . I have found the spouse’s figure. Of the nutritious Father. All the materiality is manifested in me in a stable way. I am the “animus” of the woman, her projected masculine side. I bring the reason, the law to the formn in which Matter is organized. I nourish Life but do not “master” it. I take care of all that is surrounding me and let the Life to flourish enough for all the things to be organized.

V “The Pope” . As I have needed to transcend the materiality of the powerful being I am looking into te Pope’s figure. He is bigger than myself. He is indicating me an objective in Life. It is about gathering all my foundations and drive them toward the Soul. May be I will get enlightened or not. I can fall into the fundamentalism, if get away too much, from the earthly live. Unlikely to “The Papise”, “The Pope” is acting into the world.

VI “The Lover” The journey has not but commenced… and everything that is vitally flourishing in the Soul should be touched by “eros”, the angel of love. I feel confounded….I thought that I was powerful and adult, but I am an unskillfull and a hesitating young man. Something is “pulling” from my conscience… I feel that I will not find myself until I will realize myself in the love. I am looking for the “object of love”

VII “The Chariot” – VIII “Justice” – VIIII “The Hermit”

VII “The Chariot” . I have started the journey. Young and full of stregnth…I am going to conquer the world. I am going to submmit to the heart of the things. I can sin with narcissism and youthful imprudence. In one moment I fill myself with conceit. My goal, nevertheless, is that of materializing the Spirit and spiritualizing my material side.

VIII “Justice” . But my triunfal marching has been suddenly obstaculized by an impressive figure. She is objective and cold. She is not sending me encouraging messages, but making me to remember that in order to keep on going in my journey I should choose rightly. Eliminating the superfluous and staying with just the necessary. Being just and attending the Soul’s needs. The real ones and not the fictitious. She is the Wisdom and is impulsing me to ask myself…..Am I being ust with myself? Am I merciful towards myself and towards the others?…

X “The Wheel of Fortune” – XI “The Force” – XII “The Hanged”

X “The Wheel of Fortune” . I have come to a blocking point. I do not know wether I am at the middle or just at the end of a trip. That is why I am invited to ask myself. In what moment is my Life right now?. I am asking it to the Wheel’s Sphynx. She has a handle but no one is moving it. It seems to be stopped. Inmmobilized in an emotional swamp. The Sphynx is telling me that the cycles are not depending of oneself. But of the Life’s nature. I hope that someone or something will help me to put my fortune in motion.

XI “The Force”. At last!. It is always The Force the oe that is initiating a new cycle. I am discovering my animal instinctive forces. My full sexuality.. my animal creativity. I am feeling full of vital and conscious outbursting.

XII “The Hanged” . But in spite of this, the cycle is suddenly stopped. I am trapped, hold in hands and feet. I do not feel bad.. just… strange. I think that this is a moment of meditation, of a silence and quietness that are really necessary. Before going along with the journey, I must submmit myself by complete. I should submmit to Life. For it is not possible to submmit Life.

XIII “The Arcane Wihtout Name” . XIV “Temperance” . XV “The Devil”

XIII “The Arcane Without Name” . From the profound meditation and the quietness submmission, to the same potency again. An excarnated being and reborn is launching himself to destroy with fury all the past. Everything that is not useful for us. He is “cauterizing” the wounds and the rotten concepts. The feelings that are bounding us without letting us to advance are been abolished by the symbolic scythe. He is marching with The Fool’s strength and determination. Even being agressive. As if he would be yearning to live again in searching of an acknowledged creativity.

XVI “The Tower” – “The Star” – “The Moon”

XVI “The Tower” . This power’s emanation without restraint had placed me in a prepotency’s pedestal. It is a conceit’s tower. All the Soul’s “vices”, as a counterpart of all the “virtues” enclosed into a tower of Egocentrism. The sky is coming in my help and with a violent “Consciousness’s Enlightment”‘s bolt is liberating me and throwing me out of that "Babel’s Tower" without any regard. In spite of the spectacular of the falling and the wounding felt hummiliation, it is doing it with belevolence, and covering my “·animus” and “anima” with , the nutritious “mana”. I have learnt that many of the “falling” or suffering is originated when we cling to the unilaterality of the intelectual mind, that has been thrashed by an uncontrolled emotional system..

XVII “The Star” . Having been dislodged from “my Tower”. Disposessed of my prideful dwellings The Star, appears to me in a form of the Cosmic Femenine Essence. She is there for helping me to find a place in this world and being able to act into it. She is my spiritual guide that is relating me with the divinity. I feel submission and piety. Giving away of a generous potential. But she is advicing me of not developping dangerous attitues like those of demanding instead of giving or that of giving until our being is depleted and we have offerered us without consciousness. She is also advicing of the possibility that my feelings may be of that perpetual insatisfaction. I feel that I can have faith in “The God Star”.

XVIII “The Moon” . As I have fallen really low… all my emotions have swamped my spirit. The maternal look of The Moon is telling me that one can not wish to live so actively. It is necesary to learn to receive. She is The Cosmic Mother and introduces me into the dreams’s worlds and subconsciousness. I am discovering that my yearnings and necessities are shaded by the melancholy. And that the “journey towards oneself” has inmmersed me in a “Dark Night of The Soul”. The Moonn is making me feel receptive….imbebbed by her reflecting power. I am enlightened by the emotional water…. and is opening me to the poetry’s deepness and the absolute feminity. She is inviting me to get to my "self"’s shores…. returning back “home”.

XVIIII “The Sun” – XX “Judgement”

XVIIII “The Sun” . When getting to the shore I have been greeted by the Cosmic Father. All that was receptivity is turned into an active impulse. I salute my twin soul “Animus and Anima” being engendered by the same creative force. Loving Friends. I am recognized and loved as I am. My soul is not a vast territory for being conquered, but a protected and nourishing home. Its contact is causing the awakening of the masculine consciousness and tha femenine intelligence.

XX “Judgement” . Having myself being recognized and loved in my apparent duality I can listen to the angel’s calling to a new consciouness. A force, defying death is acting into my life. This calling must be attended. It makes me re-birth as a new being. May be will help me to remember the way in which I lived my birthing. To recognized wether I as wished, and not judged by my essence. To call to the interior beings that are receiving me as a reborn and divine human being. This is the birthing of, “The Cosmic Man”

XXI “The World” .

I have accomplished it. The journey from that beweildering Fool to the realized World has got to its end. An “almond garland” symbol of the eternity is protecting me. I have recovered the wholeness and I am realized in my principles of Intelligence, Love, Matter and Creativity. They are sustaining my Cosmic Being, as much as the complete Universe. This is the Soul of the World (Animus Mundi), Universal Agent that is in all the things and is joining us to all of them.
I am… consciously….. the Universal Soul *

Tarot: Vital Code and Archetypal Journey


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This is the final…of the Journey.
Now you can have the Major Arcanes there.. sending their messages to you.
A good and complete start, for getting to know… the Archetypal Journey.

For enterprising my own deepening and study I make use of the Tarot of Marseille, restaured by Philippe Camoins (direct descendent of the Marseille’s family that has been printing the Tarot of Nicolas Conver (1760) and Alejandro Jodorowski, the promotor of such restauration.
Rosa Cobos

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