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Tarot......Symbols and Archetypes

*Since the Man is Man, he has been impelled by two giant forces. One is the preservation of the species. His being’s participating into the world, from the ecological point of view. In the functions and relationship with the environ. Man is indivisible from Nature. He is Nature. Creative matter in continuous formation. But, at the same time there exists his spiritual pulsion. A force that is elevating him to a realization of a numinous appereance and that goes beyonder the procreative function… and farther than the preservation of his flesh and blood. This spiritual urging, fills him with an indescribable yearning, an imaginative vision regarding Life and a mystic pleasure that is the true expression of the development of his mind. He channels it through the magic rituals, enchantments, expressive art, using of matter as a vehicle of contact with superior forces . It is absolutely instinctual and has to do with the growing of a Human Intelligence.

Juan Luis Arsuaga, a famous anthropologist that discovered the huge
paleolithical cavern of Atapuerca (Spain), has commented with almost a certainty that the development and growing in size of the human brain was due, mostly to a change in the way of feeding themselves, that changed from vegetarian to carnivorous. The ingest of high valued proteins started to increase the force and above, all body biochemical change, helping to the develop of the brain size. I ask myself if that was unavoidable or was programmed or may be Man realized that the most powerful animals… the ones they feared most ate other animals as well. And he started to compete, with the carrion eaters, for this sort of food. So… as they had not enough meat to share, they broke the bone and found the essence, the marrow. I have understood that this was, may be the first powerful proteins that Man ingested from the animals. It is really symbolic that the first dead animal’s substance that they could profit would have had the same texture as the brain’s tissues, that is holding the essence and physical structure of the human organism. May be… this can be regarded as another “synchronicity” of Jung’s theory.

aFor our human mind… this happened a long, long time ago. For Reality, this is a sudden sparkle. So… at once… we find that we are the union of the “flesh” and the “spirit”…. Matter and Spirit. Yearnings and necessities. Birthing and dying. Joy and pin and we keep on construing an interior world, subjective and full of feelings, and other one, more objective, plainful of touchable ends. Eating, copulating, procreating, chasing…. They seem opposed but they are indivisible. Are like two faces of the same coin.

The Tarot is expressing symbolically all these inside forms that Man has created in his interior, in order to support his experiences with an image that is common to all of them These images are nurturing, giving life to the animic world and are helping, at the same time to interpret the exterior one. They are the “Archetypes” as Carl. G. Jung named them. They have a symbolic character, are autonomous and highly energetic. They were emerging from the human soul many times before that the cultures or civilizations had been populating this planet. They do not talk about different races. they belong the colective “psyche”. It is like a huge psychological hologram. These forms are adapting to the stages, events, expectatives and experiences of Humankind. They have a relationship so much with the daily as with the numinous. And they are really showing what we really are.

The “Archetypes” are not petrified beings, but energetic forms that have their own life and organize it around their symbolic entity. The Tarot is a rich and complex world of this archetypal imaginery. Ones are related with the origin of Man, with his neccesity about recognizing both the Universal Father and Mother. Other ones, are supporting hidden forces full of power that serve to the sustaining of the human life. They express the magic of fecundation, as much of the human one as the Nature around us, animals and nutritional earth. And Man is looking at the Heaven as seeing in it a vehicle of Life. The Sun, The Moon and the Stars. We also, find characters that inspire us the capacity for “initiating”, to relate, express vital emotions for the develpment of love, strength, courage, disncernment, refective meditation, passion and submmitting, creativity without limits, intelect, sensibility, the knowledge of the soul’s duality etc… One and another form of the archetypes put the macro and the microcosmos into contact as we perceive them.

These interior characters of Man, return back to his soul, in a way of a symbolic image, the fascination of the intelect that is opening to extreme experiences. One is the fecund Life. The Universe shinning before his eyes. The grandeur of the phenomenoms that can not control. At the beguinning of the times, they beleived that the “impregnation” of women wa a magic act, promoted by the same Earth. And they were not far from the truth, for we are the Earth and She is the real Mother of our flesh anbd body. And they too, could experience with absolute fright the terrible prsence of Death, developing a numinous feeling towards this absolute reality, their capacity for suffering the pain of the dear one’s losses… that what one loves and needs. And this traumatic but deept fascination, has made grown “anthennaes” for capting the powers in order to be able to “see beyonder” of oneself and them make the mind progress in an specfific way. At last, all that is evolutioning is not tha way in which the mind-tool is trying to do control the world, but the soul herslef. She is the Alfa and the Omega of Man. the energy that blends us with th Whole and linking the macro and the microcosmos between themn.

Carl G. Jung regarding the Archetypes (quotes)

“The psychological machine that transforms the energy, is the Symbol“
(Energetic of the Soul)
“The Archetypals are numinous structural elements of the Psyche and the possess a certain autonomy and specific energy, through which they can atract the containing of the conscience that would be convinient for them“
“It is not about inherited representations, but those of a certain innate disposition to the formation of parallel representations that I named “Colective Unconsciousness”…it corresponds to the biological concept of “Patterns of Behaviour” (Energetic of the Soul)

Quotes of other writers

“The true foudantions of the Symbol are the correspondence that is linking among them all the orders of reality, joining ones with the others, and that is therefore being extended from the natural order, taken in its whole, to the supernatural order…”(
(René Guenon)

“Symbolism is the art of thinking in images“
(Ananda Coomaraswamy)

“In the Symbol, the particular is representing the general, not like in a dream and a shadow but with a living and momentaneous revelation of the inescrutable.”

The Symbol is linking the Soul to the Universe from the particular to the general. It is looking the existent relation, the no verbal link, not interpreted ….between what the human being sees feels and experiments, and the object. This object is returning him its animic quality per se. It touches him at once, as a diffused scent of lavendert is trnasportating us to a blooming flowers field. It is an interior image gifted to an exterior object in order that this one will evoke eternally what the human creativity has engendered.*
Rosa Cobos

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2009 . All rights reserved

Tarot......Symbols and Archetypes


Bilbao, Spain

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For the Lovers
For the Searchers
For the Innocence of Mind without Prejudices
For Soul’s guiding…
For Living Dreams.

I invite you to visit this world of Symbols and Archetypes here….
Tarot: Map of Concsiousness

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