ADAM´S CREATION (She is Black) by RosaCobos

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ADAM´S CREATION (She is Black) by 

This image is subjected to “Copyright Rosa Cobos 2012” – All rights reserved
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This is a vision. Came to meet “Adam´s Creation” of Michael Angel and then…I “knew”. Later…not without struggling with my abilities to get the figures done and the background …“grounded”…I can say. I am complete….realized in it.
With it… Here are the Alan Watt´s words that exerted a profound inspiration….and which sense that day..made me cry. For I was then able to take the beard and fatherly look..severe and vindictive to that “Godhead” inscribed into my genes as “memes” of indeletable character, just out of my Soul . But now..I am free….this is what has made me feel free.

In his book “OM Creative Meditations,” Alan Watts wrote:
_"There is an old story about the astronaut who went far out into space and was asked upon his return whether he had been to heaven and seen God.
“Yes,” he said.
“Well, what about God?”
“She is black.”
Under the pressure of social consensus it is very natural to assume that when somebody uses the word God, it is that father figure which is intended, because even Jesus used the analogy of the father for his experience of God. He had to, there was not other one available in his culture.

I have advocated something called atheism in the name of God .That is to say, an experience, a contact, a relationship to God with the ground of your being, that does not have to be embodied or expressed in any specific image.

We intelligent people do not believe in that kind of God, not really. I mean we think that God is spirit, that God is undefinable and infinite and all that sort of things.; but, nevertheless, the images of God have a far more powerful effect upon our emotions than our ideas.

And when people read the Bible and sing hymns … they still have got that old fellow with the beard.

To offset this, we should think in contrary imagery, and the contrary imagery is
She is black.
Imagine instead of God the Father,
God the Mother,
and instead of an illuminous being blazing with light,
an unfathomable darkness."_

And now…my own…vision.
Night of the Times…the Power.
Eternal Womb of Soul
The Word like pearls…a Mother.
And It Was and Became without Conception.
And It was and Is the Son of Compassion.
And It veiled the Light without breaking its Body.
And She was never alone…the Fruit of her Love desires.
And I prayed for her Breathing.
And the Creature entertained my delusion.
And The Earth exhaled Viriditas
touched by the Black Milk of Wisdom.
And the Waters turned to living Grass
where the tears rooted in Perception.
And the Angels meditated their Maid sustaining.
And the Stars wrapped my Birthing…
each of them piercing the heart with contention.
She is Black….
The World….

@ copyright Rosa Cobos 2012 – All rights reserved

This work has been created with my own stock of images and photographs, the figures being done with DazS4 tool..and then edited with photoshop, painting included.

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  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 2 years ago

    “Nigra Sum Sed Formosa” (Codex of Leonor of Aquitanny – Performed by Marcel Peres)

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 2 years ago

    JUSTARTover 2 years ago

    great work

  • Thank you very much dear Syl…for your kindness.

    – RosaCobos

  • tori yule
    tori yuleover 2 years ago

    I love this work, Rosa, So well thought out and created.
    “She is Black” How great is that!

  • Thank you so Tori, for being here and leaving support and friendship.

    – RosaCobos

  • helene ruiz
    helene ruizover 2 years ago

    truly beautiful!

  • Gracias hermana por tu compañía y espíritu.

    – RosaCobos

  • annacuypers
    annacuypersover 2 years ago

    Beautiful work and words Rosa, love, xxo

  • Many many thanks for your kind presence in this world.

    – RosaCobos

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladeover 2 years ago

    Amazing writing and art Truly inspired and original. Love this.

  • Thanks a lot Anthea. Your presence is so wonderful in here!!

    – RosaCobos

  • Richard G Witham
    Richard G Withamover 2 years ago

    F A N T A S T I C
    This is truly amazing Rosa, and it is a wonderful example of the letting go of beliefs I discuss in Engrained. Releasing the instilled belief in a Father as the figure of a wise old man allows me an expanded view of God which then opens an expanded view of the universe and life and purpose. Once again you have shared with us a masterpiece.

  • Thanks Richard. The worse for me is that when coming to call them..our godheads…we use terms of servilism, like “Lord” and “Lady”…..I feel weighed as a human being with that way of relating with our inner images of divine proportions. I am tired of the patriarchal presumtion of the main religions that have cause so much pain and destruction to our humankind. I am in another realm of Soul, when coming to feel that the spiritual yearning is a need, as breathing. Words do not mind when one is “seeing” what one can see, and cannot transfer it to any other one, but may be, creating this imagery, that is but an interpretation of a great old artist. I suffer with him the terrible pain and humiliation of having to dress that “Godhead” with the terrible dress of the human hipocresy, the denial of the generosity of Naturew hen being a naked body in all splendor, and I have not “creaded” the genitals but
    for one reason….genitals are but a tool, not a goal. They can be hidden as yet be as servicable and great as the eyes, the mouth…the hands. In reality…in women are there as a secret, and in men, when not aroused are being turned into a piece of laxed flesh, devoided of any grandeur, but for our sensual imagination. And yet…I know that many, or some (which does not make the difference) may think that a sort of aberration. Thanks…for your words and soul.

    – RosaCobos

  • raymondoantonio
    raymondoantonioover 2 years ago
  • Your is the power of the eyes and soul to visit and tell me how do you feel it, Ray….thank you for being here, and so radiant in form and expression.

    – RosaCobos

  • kenroome
    kenroomeover 2 years ago

    I love this. I love how you’ve brought all this, word, image and idea exclaimed through art, into being. I love how innocence is carrying to Adam, (human-beings) a comprehensible yet beautiful understanding of God. I read that for many, including myself, the concept of Father is difficult to connect with. But in “She Is Black”, I can connect with God as the Provence of all possibility contained within the blackness of void, (black includes all color). Have I said that I love this?

  • Thank you so…you are targeting the words in the right spot…I have felt that the image of Adam here is inoocence, tender, manly but like “half-done”..and reaching to his “anima”…and she…the almightly is reaching for his “animus” order to “marry” in full bloom of energy…and make the world go round. I have have a hard time doing this composition, not because the idea was failing me…but because I was lost in the elements. Technically has been a great achievement. I feel happy in a calm sense. More with your words. So glad you feel it well!!

    – RosaCobos

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