This image is @ Copyright Rosa Cobos 2011 . All rights reserved

All the images here, have been photographed by myself, and worked as a composition with Photoshop tools. I have played a lot with the blending modes and different modes of shadows.
There is a combination of Earth, Water, Air and Fire……creating a symbolic window…an altar of worship to Love and Passion

Featured in DIGITAL ART AND WRITING. February 26th,2011

You cannot warm my Soul any more.
For your hand has been tied to the dried Blood.
You cannot root on my heavy Heart any longer,
for it has been nailed to my flurried Mind.
Suspended motion around the Night madness.
Circuits of deleted thoughts, whispering into my cells.
Floods, serpentine vagaries of your desires…..
imagined or lost, a scar made by Fire,
prisoner of Time …a passage to Death´s carrier.
No blood droplets, falling from a “crossed” Christ.
No forgiveness, deliverance of eternal Love.
No calling, after the back has been turned by shame.
No steps on water, miracles of Light Heaven suspension.
No punishment inflicted upon my blaming Name.
No wounded knees…crepitating on the ground.
White knuckles from too much asking for more,
of what I could not grasp, not dream, not recoil.
You cannot wave your hand any more….
nailed by a Heart of Gold,
to the infinite nightmare of…your Silence.

© Copyright Rosa Cobos 2011 – All rights reserved


photomanipulation, surrealism, hands, light, red, heart, symbolism


  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...over 3 years ago

    Fabulous image, Rosa!

  • Thank you so much, for being so kind and supportive.

    – RosaCobos

  • polly470
    polly470over 3 years ago

    Stunning work..and I mean stunning!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your heart in my piece of art.

    – RosaCobos

  • eoconnor
    eoconnorover 3 years ago

    great imagery powerful and your poetry strong and i will read many times well done rosa !!LIz

  • Oh…I am really happy if you have enjoyed it so much, dear Liz. Thank you for your company and heart.

    – RosaCobos

  • Richard G Witham
    Richard G Withamover 3 years ago

    Hands that are and hold
    The elements of being
    Cannot grasp the light

    Me fascina esta obra Rosa. No puedo quitar la vista de ella, y a la vez quiero acercarme tanto a la estrella que pego la nariz en la pantalla de mi computadora. Quiero ver por esa ventana, pero como las manos no alcanzan tocar el alma, mis ojos no pueden ver por ese orificio.

    Tu poema me inquieta y estimula muchas imágenes, o fomenta muchas cadenas de pensamientos (No se si expreso bien mis ideas en español, pero hago el intento). Me gusta mucho la linea, “You cannot root my heavy heart any longer, for it has been nailed to my flurried Mind”. Solo esa linea es suficiente para mantenerme distraído por mucho tiempo. Fabuloso!
    Como siempre te felicito mucho Rosa, y te mando un fuerte abrazo :-)

  • Precioso haiku Richard…o cómo Vesna dice…“richardku”….es muy graciosa.
    Es una estrella rara…es el corazón de Jesús..imaginería de pasión y dolor…la verdad es que si es un orificio..donde late la Vida y la Muerte.
    El poema es raro…parece autobiográfico, pero no lo es…no literalmente. Aunque seguro que pertenece a la vida interior que conversa con amantes especiales….sueños de amor y odio…de deseo y de carencias. Por eso inquieta y estimula al mismo tiempo. Me alegro mucho con tus palabras. Este medio es muy rápido. A veces me sorprendo leyendo un poema que había leído y darme cuenta de que ya lo conozco…sin darme cuenta. Tanto que ver!!!tanto que escuchar!!…gracias por hacer ambas cosas con verdadero cariño.
    Un beso.

    – RosaCobos

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindover 3 years ago

    oh my. so intense the image, so perfectly created. I stare and read the words, and feel so much of disillusionment and yet new discovery. a deep knowing, almost through disappointment. a wise and enlightened woman and artist. just so powerful for me
    of course, I am often mistaken and relate to some to my own self, as I suppose we all do with art and poetry.
    another brilliant accomplishment. Bravo Rosa. you constantly amaze.
    much love, shar ♥♥♥

  • Oh Shar….you are right.
    Quite. The poem expreses both…disappointment and discovery..all forming part of our cycles of Life-Death-Life.Nothing eternal, It is good to relate this or other piece of art to your self, because that is what I have called “Soul´s Resonance”. Thank you so for being here, close and tender.

    – RosaCobos

  • walstraasart
    walstraasartover 3 years ago

    A magical, outstanding and very interesting artwork!

  • Thank you so much for your kindness and the company.

    – RosaCobos

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseover 3 years ago

    Incredible powerful and sobering work- dear Rosa- will stay with me awhile this one….such words like a sword xxxxxxxx

  • Oh….like that of “words like sword”…at first I had thought that my words were not really as sharp as my art piece….I find it very emotional, but quite contained y this frame…it is moving different parts of the Soul..specially caring for oneself and menacing passion and death.
    Thanks Rosie for your heart and mind.

    – RosaCobos

  • Larry Butterworth
    Larry Butterworthover 3 years ago

    Always a powerful combination of words and image, your creative is immense Rosa

  • Thank you very much for being close and faithful dear Larry.

    – RosaCobos

  • Vesna *
    Vesna *over 3 years ago

    so beautiful visually and so strong in thoughts,such an amazing work dear Rosa

  • Thanks dear Vesna….your smile is reassuring for me..dear “vesniku”

    – RosaCobos

  • devotee1
    devotee1over 3 years ago

    Sad when one offers a world of commitment to someone, and they respond with treachery. Well, their lose will be someone elses gain. For a beautiful spirit is never left long without soon attracting a more deserving company. It is like that with light, one need only naturally shine and the rest is automatic. Profound image and captivating words. Brilliant work!

  • Oh..you have made your own story out of this.!!
    I love this kind of response. That is telling me that my poetry has evoked a sort of “treason” in it. And a re-birthing of faith out of it too.
    Could be!!
    Thank you for your company, your mind and your poetry.

    – RosaCobos

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