Each of my works that is not in folders named with 2D are made exclusively in 3D.

I love the 3d for the things that it can give me.
When I say this, I mean two things:
what I can make of beautiful and the beauty
and the skill that I can see on the web done from other persons.
I love good photography and animals also.
I have graduated to Artistic High School N. Barabino in Genoa and soon after I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa.
In web I’m also known as Rori:)

I’m a bats’s collector

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Genoa, national capital of cats.

My city, Genoa, on 16 and 17 March will be the national capital of cats. / Linked Text / Linked Text
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Thanks to the RedBubble community I started a small series.....

Thanks to the RedBubble community I started a small series of cats for iPhone and iPod. / For now, only 3, but they are destined to grow. / Some people like to see a particular breed of cat …… / I am here and listening:) / Special thanks to Ellen:) / http://www.redbubble.com/people/rori/collections/123024-iphone-and-ipod
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