Terry Mooney

Terry Mooney

Dunrossness, United Kingdom

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currently employed as a search and rescue winch man. this can allow me to get some good shots when it’s quiet, but am usually busy when the good stuff comes along.
I live in the Shetland Islands, which can be great for wildlife and sea/coast shots, but the weather can be wild to say the least. I have been taking photo’s for many years but am only now starting to get serious about it, although I have thousands of shots stored on my computor, I am so critical of my work that I would only say I have a few good shots at the moment, but that is changing daily. you can visit my gallery at http://ropedope.redbubble.com

  • Age: 57
  • Joined: June 2008


suprise sale MV Hjaltland

great to get an email telling me someone bought a mounted print of MV Hjaltland. thank you whoever you are, you have made my day.
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holiday time.

off on my hols to sunny Greece for two weeks, so if I have’nt replied to a comment or not commented on your work, i’m not ignoring you i am lazing in the sun and maybe getting some new shots for when I get back. take care………..terry
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My very first sale!

Thanks a million go to eseffpe, who purchased a card from me entitled “A Kiss from a Rose”. I have only ever bought my own stuff upto now so a pleasant surprise in my overview section tonight. made my day. thanks again eseffpe. (please check her stuff out as she is a wonderful artist).
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