Warrandyte North, Australia

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RonnySimulacrum has dedicating much of his spare time to his hobby of photography for the last 4 years.

With a keen interest in the play of light, body’s and movent he has been comfortable concentrating on the Australian Psytrance scene as a source of material. In the gaps and shadows of this counter culture is where you will find him documenting the energy that emanates.

In his mind there is nothing better than the play of sunlight, dust and body motion to the sound of lush beats in the Australian outback. His aim is to capture people in trance, when they have transcended that moment and they are in another place as their body moves to the surrounding sound.

He also has a very keen interest photographing plants and animals, often in very creative and original ways. As well as the living he finds deterioration, corrosion and states of impermanence very intriguing and focuses much of his time to revealing the nuance of the territory of decay as well as often critiquing them to reveal mankind’s harsh impact on the environment.

  • Joined: May 2007

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