New York City, United States

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Windows Overlooking The Hudson River, NYC

To my friends at JPG Cast Off’s, I thank all of you for featuring “Windows Overlooking The Hudsoon River, NYC”. I am delighted and pleased to be featured with so many of my favorite artists. Please forgive my delayed response, I am recovering from a serious injury and I don’t have the time and energy I need to stay up-to-date on RB. I know I am missing a lot of great images.

Peace, Love and Serenity for the Holiday Season,


To all of my RedBubble friends

I was in a serious bicycle accident while visiting California. I’m now back in NYC but can’t do too much except heal. I will do my best to keep up and check out new work and whatever else.

Thanks for your good wishes,


Many thanks to Lina and to "Freedom in Words and ART"

I am deeply honored and thrilled to be featured along with Farras in “Freedom in Words and ART”. I love all of you in this group and at redbubble. It’s you guys, the artists, writers, poets, and fellow photographers; you are a constant source of inspiration. A special thanks to Lina, whose white light, magic and creative energy fuels us all.