Status ... or why I have been absent from RedBubble

Susan and I have finally gotten to the point where we are starting our move to a new city an hour away. As such, we seldom have room for the camera bag, it is more difficult to pull our Jeep off the road now that it is dragging along a 16’ trailer, and we are constantly busy either packing boxes, loading them onto a trailer, unloading and unpacking boxes, etc. Hopefully, by the end of May, we will have completed this move and things will return to somewhat normal. Of course, the gas prices will still have to drop a bit or our income will have to increase substantially before we will be able to convene our next road trip. Just thought I’d let everyone know that I was not upset with anyone, tired of RedBubble, or just too good to respond to comments and such. It is just a sad situation that there are not more hours in the day.


  • RickDavis
    RickDavisover 3 years ago

    Hope your moving went well and looking forward to your upcoming photos,,,,,,,Rick

  • Elisabeta Hermann
    Elisabeta Hermannover 3 years ago

    I know what you are talking about…:) We went thru this in Sept. last year…LOL
    Good luck with your move and with your new home!

  • Lois  Bryan
    Lois Bryanover 3 years ago

    Hi Terence … well, you certainly have your hands full with real life right now … moving is always a trial!!!! Just take it easy and we’ll be here when you get back!!!!!

  • KBritt
    KBrittover 3 years ago

    Thanks for letting us know. We all go through these periods when our art has to take a back seat… that is sad too. Good luck with the move! ~ Kim

  • Steve Mezardjian
    Steve Mezardjianover 3 years ago

    Hi Terrence. If I lived closer I would be happy to lend a hand. I know moving is such an ordeal sometimes. But the upside is that you are still in Texas, and that is something to be happy about….right?

  • Herman Hodges
    Herman Hodgesover 3 years ago

    How about some pictures around the new place.

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesorover 3 years ago

    Hope your move goes smoothly Terence!! :)