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I have taken a few new photographs, but other activities are taking up too much of my free time, of late. I’ll try to share some new works soon.

The sales keep coming

On the very first day I joined RedBubble, there was a challenge for the best music themed t-Shirt design. Well, having much more free time on my hands at the time, I decided to give it a try and came up with this:

It did not win the challenge, not even sure it came out in the top 10 - however, I decided to leave it up as it was my only attempt at a t-shirt design. Well, every time, or almost, that I receive a notice of a sale, someone has bought another shirt with my design on it. Today I scored my 16th sale! Someone sent me a Bubblemail telling me that I ought to do a few more t-shirt design. Well, if my day job doesn’t pan out — I might actually do a few more designs. I am actually a pretty good graphic designer. I just like photography better! ;)

Google images

I have long worried that people are finding my works on Google Images, downloading them, and doing whatever other than paying some royalty to me. I often run my name (which I try to include in tags to every photo) or some tags to one of my other images. Many of my images came up when I used my name, but from all I checked, the largest of any that could be found was 800 × 533, that being the preview picture with my watermark from here at RB. One of the other photo sites where a few of my works are offered would not even offer an image that big. However, if I ever put a photo on Flickr or even on my FaceBook page, I greatly reduce it in resolution so that any enlargement is so pixilated to be of any use.

Computers, you gotta love 'em and you gotta hate 'em

I have had several images I have wanted to upload for the last several weeks, but my computer was wonky. It was getting so slow, it took forever to do anything. It wasn’t a virus, because I was able to run a virus check (that took almost 3 hours to do it in safe mode). None of the restore points assisted at all, so, as I have done in the past, run the recovery program and put everything back on. Finally, I had enough. I spent almost two days getting my computer to shift all the files I could find that I really wanted to keep onto a USB portable disk so I could restore it to the original settings. Actually, upon reloading all the software, I usually find that there are several programs that I never used that much that I do not even reload. Kind of like spring cleaning on your hard dr…

Need Some Advice

I have a photo I want to enter into a contest. It is the only one in my library I feel is best one that adheres to the contest theme. The trouble is that it says in the contest that “if accepted for publication, an image file size of at least 6MB will be required.” The problem is that the original file is 2700 × 1796 and is only 581KB. After upsizing it as much as possible through a digital photo program, I can only get it up to 8100 × 5300 at at 2.4MB before I start getting pixelation problems. I am contemplating is printing it out and then scanning it in a really high resolution, but not sure that will do any good. Thought I would open the floor to other suggestions.

SXSW Austin Shindig

Got an email invite to this event for this past Monday from 8:00p.m. to 12:00p.m. Since Austin is only a two hour drive, thought I might drop in and hopefully meet and greet a few other RB artists and the like. Lordy, did I ever forget this is Spring Break and it was filled with art and people appropriate for a tattoo parlor. Who selected the works on display? Seriously, it all looked like tattoo art! I saw only a couple of other people who were over 30 and they appeared to be in a world all by themselves, perched on the only seating in the place with filled glasses of some pinkish wine. No one appeared to be an artist of any type, or, if they were, they were not pointing out any of their works to anyone, as far as I could see. They were mostly drinking free beer and wine and getting all …

New Bubbler

I young man of my acquaintance (whose mother has purchased one of my works and two from other RB artists) has recently joined RedBubble: Paul Sturdivant I am sure he would love to have some of you drop by for a visit and leave a comment or two on his work!